Thursday, March 08, 2007

Injects Time

My RE won't do just metformin and IUI. She says that my cycles will still probably be irregular so it's hard to time. So she gave me the option of either trying naturally for 2 months just on metformin, or going to injects. So, of course I chose injects! I'm sick of waiting, plus who knows if my egg quality is any good just on met. Also, I have a feeling if I did keep ovulating, it would be really late in my cycle and by then I'm sick of bd and tend to miss the right days. So injects and IUI will make it all so much easier in a way.

I'm nervous about injects too though. I HATE needles! But, if I get the follitism pen, that shouldn't be too bad. I've heard the needle is really small. I will just have to remember why I'm doing it and I think I'll be fine. I go in March 22 for the injects class and will be starting them shortly after that.

They also said that their office will deal with my insurance, so I'm hoping it all gets worked out! I have a feeling that it will still be a huge headache though. Not sure what i'll do if they won't pay at all. But I don't see how they can not pay at all, when I have paperwork saying that they WILL pay.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

I Ovulated!!!!

Looks like I really did ovulate on my own! This is so exciting! I just had a period, and it was a real period, so I must have ovulated on my own! I called the RE yesterday to find out my next steps, but she didn't get back to me until late and I was in class. So I will call her again today and find out what my next steps are! I think I will try 1 more cycle on my own, and maybe do an IUI with it. It would be nice to get pregnant without having to do injects!