Saturday, June 25, 2011

Wow. So last night was HORRIBLE. They stayed up. I even tried sleeping in the room with them. At 10 pm I told hubby he was on duty and went to bed. No idea what time they fell asleep, but they did sleep later this morning!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Night 6 (I think?) of Toddler Beds

Has it really been 6 nights?? In some ways it doesn't seem like it has been that many nights, and in other ways it does...

It's getting better. Last night M went to sleep quickly, and in her bed! S was up for a long time and then she woke in the middle of the night. Luckily hubby took care of that! As for tonight, I put them to bed at 7. It is now 7:56 and it is quiet in there. This is a huge improvement. It had been hours of them being awake and playing. Now, tonight they did start the, "Mommy, I gotta go peepee!" routine. I think it was Rebecca who asked about this. My girls recently potty trained (pee only!) and have been doing very well. However, during sleeping times I put a pull up or night diaper on them. They do not wake up if they have to go. M usually stays dry, but S still soaks a diaper overnight. I'm not even going to stress about night potty training. I'm hoping by the time they night train, they will pretty much be able to go on their own. We'll see how it actually pans out! :)

I also had to strip their room of just about everything. The first night I thought I got everything out that needed to be out. I was so wrong. Same thing for the second night. By the third night I had gotten everything out. They did dump one drawer full of clothes, but, and I am SO proud of my obsessive-compulsive self, I just put them back in the drawer, without re-organizing and did not even flinch. Well, I hardly flinched.

And as I'm typing this, I now hear 2 little voices! So they are not asleep yet, but hopefully soon. I hear M talking about going pee-pee. Hmmmm...

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Toddler Bed- Day 3

Tonight went even better than last! No nap today since they had preschool, and Maya was super tired. After baths, Maya was out in about 5 min. Granted, she fell asleep again on the floor, but I'm not picky. Sofia gave me a bit more grief tonight. It was hard for her to even think about going to sleep with all the "fun" stuff in her room like her clippies, the extra liners for the diaper can, and other random things I never thought they'd play with. So after stripping the room of just about everything, keeping some books in there, she finally settled down and went to sleep. M even climbed back into her bed!

Those of you with twins considering moving to a toddler bed- hold out! Hold out as long as you possibly can! But also know that when you do switch, it is very difficult at first, but gets easier every night. I do feel like I am in the newborn stage though, with all this lack of sleep.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Toddler Bed- Day 2

Whatever possessed me to think switching to toddler beds was a good idea??? Going to bed used to be so nice. They would lay down in their cribs and go to sleep pretty fast, or at least lay quietly. Yesterday we decided to switch to toddler beds. It's really not much different from the crib. Same bed, just no side railing. But to the girls, it is totally different.

Night 1, M was up partying and jumping on her bed. I went in and laid with them for about an hour and they fell asleep. Then at 3 am, M woke up and was waking S up. I got them to lay quietly and got about 1 more hour of sleep before they were up for the day.

Nap day 1- I was super tired and luckily hubby let me nap. The girls did not nap, so he put them in the play room, which right now is our spare bedroom. They played until they both finally passed out on the bed and slept for about an hour.

Night 2- I put them to bed early since they were SO tired. 6 pm. S is pretty good with the bed. She will lay in it and not really get up. M is having difficulty. I've been in there now I don't know how many times. I even tried laying in there with them, but M was just jumping on me and laughing. They are now quiet and both laying on the floor. Hopefully they fall asleep, and stay asleep!!

Word of advice- put off changing to a toddler bed AS LONG AS YOU CAN!!!! If I just had 1 to deal with it would be easier I think. Don't rush moving to a bed. If they are not climbing out, be happy they are still in cribs!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I love comments! Please feel free to comment on any posts. Unless you are just advertising, that is. I just deleted a comment that was simply links to different things. I will delete those. Sigh.

The girls had their first day of preschool yesterday! They loved it!

Friday, June 10, 2011

I've been a bad blogger! I know it has been forever since I have posted. Life is super busy and stressful. My students stress me out- they all have so many emotional needs, and I just wish I could make everything better for them! They break my heart on a daily basis. The students I have this year are really good kids. So their horrible home lives really kill me. Plus, since I teach at a K-8 school and the middle school part of the school is so small, and I have all the 7th and 8th graders, I am closer to my students than I have been at other schools where I had many more students. It's emotionally draining, and I just hope that having them for a short two years is a good, positive influence in their lives.

And then, of course, there is life at home with my girls! They are 3! I still can't get over how much they have grown, and how much they are talking and becoming these awesome little people! I never thought I'd be able to say this, but they are pretty much potty trained!!! I think we have been pull-up free during the day now for 2 weeks! My theory always had been that they will get it quickly when they are actually ready, and that was the case. One day Maya did not want to wear pull ups anymore, and Sofia followed the very next day. We have had a few small accidents here and there, but really it has been good! They will not poop in the potty yet, but they will get there. It truly is about them being ready. We try to push kids to be ready to potty train way before they are actually ready. I am looking forward to not buying DIAPERS anymore!

Next week the girls start preschool! We are all very excited. I had been looking into local preschools for quite some time. I needed something that wasn't very expensive, developmentally appropriate, and good. I put them at a local Methodist church preschool. Now, I have had many reservations about putting them in a church preschool. However, I know many, many moms who have their kids in this particular preschool, and it seems much less preachy than most around here. And when I've visited, the church aspect doesn't seem to be a huge part, so I think I'm ok with it.

Even though this is the cheapest preschool I've found,it is still a stretch for us. But we have to do it. Not only will it be great for the girls, but hubby needs a few hours during the day so he can do school work. So this will work nicely. We will just have to make it work monetarily!