Monday, June 30, 2008

Maya has started to belly laugh! It is so cute. She's also a little stinker though. When I pick her up to soothe her to go to sleep, I think she knows and she will start smiling and laughing at me so I forget about her sleeping and want to play with her!

Sofia is also doing well- smiling and cooing! I can't believe they are almost 4 months. It sure does go by fast!

I joined the twins group in my area, and that has been great. We also have a playgroup for twins born in 2008. There are a couple that are 3 months and the rest are 5+ months. But it is nice to get out and talk to other twin moms.

I spoke to my boss and she is fine with me having to leave by 3:30 every day. But, my job is changing a little. Instead of being stationed at 1 middle school, I will work with 2 other people and we will do professional development at all the middle schools we work with. So my hours really depend on where we are doing the professional development. And I would imagine when we are just planning the hours are pretty flexible. Most likely I will usually work 8-3 but I could do 7:30-2:30. So I'm happy about that.


Well, I just saw a comment on my last post. So I'm guessing that a family member HAS found me. Now I'm just wondering why they were searching anyway? And what search terms they used? Well, I may just continue to write whatever. Now everyone knows that this is my "private" blog- not really private, but wanted to be hidden from friends/family, so if they read something they don't like, too bad. They don't have to read it, right? Not that I've been posting anything too personal lately anyway. I'm mostly focused on the girls!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well, crap. Now I'm paranoid that friends/family have found this. Oh well I guess. That will probably make me think twice before I write about things I am really feeling. Damn.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My foot!

Since last week, my foot has been hurting. It started when Hubby went to rub my foot and it hurt, on the top of my foot by the second toe. I thought it was weird because I couldn't remember doing anything to it. Well, it got worse and I started limping. So I called the doctor, went in for an x-ray and went today to the podiatrist. I have a stress fracture! It's from added weight and wearing flip flops. Great. So now I have to wear this "shoe" that looks like a weird sandal. I get to wear it for a month. Oh, and I can't do the elliptical now. He said I could probably do stationary bike, but I'm nervous to even do that. I don't want to make it worse! I also wanted to go to the mall and do some shopping, but not anymore!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I realized that some people may be interested in seeing how I feed the girls. I know other twin mommies to be always ask how to feed them. First, is a picture of all the bottles for the day. Actually, I had already done 1 feeding, so it's almost all the bottles for a day:

And here is how I feed the girls. I sit in the middle and hold their bottles:

Here is a rare photo of me with Sofia. I just loved her sleeping face in this one. Oh and excuse me, I look horrible!

This one is just too cute of Maya:

And, the photo I gave to hubby for Father's Day:

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Girls' Personalities

Maya is my little wiggle worm sweetie. She is very easy going and hardly cries. When she does cry, it is a very sad cry. She also pouts while crying, and it is very cute. Many times, even though she is crying, she will also smile! She will be crying and I will look at her and all of a sudden she will start smiling. She loves to smile, and it just melts my heart! Maya also likes to kick her legs and move her arms around. I swear once she starts crawling she will always be on the go!

Sofia is mommy's cuddle bug. She is very needy and much more difficult. She cries a lot more than Maya and loves to be near me! She is not squirmy at all, and in a way, more chill than Maya- except when she gets mad! When I wake her up in the morning, she doesn't really wake up and just lays on my chest and cuddles. She is also a good sleeper. When I can finally get her to sleep, she sleeps very soundly.

They are both so different, and I love it!

I took the girls to get 2 more shots today. We are spacing them out, following the vaccine schedule that is in the book, The Vaccine Book. At first, I thought Sofia was not going to cry because she didn't start crying until after the shots! She didn't cry too much, until I put her back in her car seat to get Maya. Then she started screaming! Poor baby! The nurse was great and held Sofia while I held Maya- who started crying right away.
They were weighed too:
Maya: 9 lbs 11 oz.
Sofia: 11 lbs. 14 oz.

They are getting big! I just bought some size 2 diapers for Sofia today. They are growing up so quickly.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Today I noticed that people are either very nice and thoughtful, or just plain rude!

I decided to take the girls out to Border's and to Old Navy. I was a little nervous since I had never been shopping with them! It went pretty well, but I was noticing people's behaviors. I use the double Snap N Go, so my stroller is very long- like a limo. It is difficult to open a door and push it through. So when I was going in Border's, a very nice lady held the door for me. I really appreciated that! Coming out of the store, another lady went to hold the door for me and two older men cut right in front of me. One went through and then the other stopped because other people were coming in. Finally, they went through and he looked at me, I was getting ready to go, and he went right in front. Of course by this time the very nice lady who was originally holding the door for me just went in. I just couldn't believe how unthoughtful some people are. However, there were more thoughtful people than unthoughtful, so that's a good thing!

It's a good thing I went out because both M and S were very fussy. As soon as we got in the car, they fell asleep though. And they pretty much stayed asleep the whole time. S fussed a little, but a paci fixed that! It is a pain to get in and out of the car, but it was so nice to get out and I think the girls are at a point where they enjoy getting out as well. I think they are getting bored at home looking at the same things. For awhile they were awake at the bookstore and they were just looking around at all the books. They definitely liked the change of scenery. So I think we are going to go out more often!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just when you think you have everything down and the girls are being really good and sleeping well, and you think to yourself, "Oh this is getting easier!" It all goes downhill!

The past few days have been really good. Sofia had been sleeping well, Maya not sleeping as much but she wasn't fussy either. Last night I didn't get to bed until 11. Hubby took the day off so I could go to my twins group so he stayed up with them and did the 2 am feeding. At 3 am he brought them in so he could go to sleep, but Sofia was not asleep! I had to soothe her, which didn't take long thankfully. About an hour later, Maya started flailing and grunting. That kept me up. I finally put her next to me in bed and got maybe another hour or so of sleep. So today I've been super tired and the girls have not been sleeping! They took maybe 1 hour in the morning, 30 min. while I vacuumed, and Sofia got another 30 min. in the afternoon. So no nap for me! Maya is now asleep, but I've been trying to get Sof to sleep for 1 1/2 hours now. My advice to new twin moms: don't get too comfortable when they start napping well because it can all change in an instant! Maybe tomorrow they will nap better.

On a positive note, Sofia was trying to laugh today and it was really cute! The first time she tried, it sounded funny. Then I laughed back at her and she laughed again and it sounded more like a real laugh. We did this for a little while.

Tomorrow is a new day and I WILL get out this week.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Working Out

I've been to the gym twice this week! I like going more now than before the twins, I think because now I see it as "me" time and a chance to get away. I've also been doing the exercises for the diastasis. I can tell it's getting smaller. I'm probably the only one who can tell, but it is getting smaller.


I ordered 2 books and they arrived today. They are:
Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child
The No-Cry Sleep Solution

I'll let you know how they are! I figure pretty soon we can get on more of a schedule. The other night I did let Sofia sleep through the night (STTN). I wanted to see if she could do it. She did! However, she was pretty restless. So last night I had hubby get her up to feed. I think in a couple weeks we will try again. Plus that day she ate great. But for the past 2 days she hasn't been eating that great, and I want to make sure she gets enough.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Thanks for letting me know about the links being posted! I would prefer for the link NOT to be posted in a public post on that board. I don't mind if you want to send someone here privately. Only because my friends and family do not know about my blog and I would prefer for it to stay that way. I don't care about others reading it at all, or if you want to send people here, but if you could do it privately that would be nice. Although I know I can't stop people from posting links. But thanks for letting me know!

We got out of the house last night! We went to a friend's house for a BBQ and it was fun. The girls were good. And you know, they really are good babies. They just have a little fussy period in the evening, but they really are good and pretty easy. I'm super tired today and I'm not sure why! I mean, besides the fact I'm taking care of twins, ha! I got sleep last night, so I was surprised I was so tired when I woke up.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Here are the photos I promised!

Both of the girls, holding hands: