Saturday, June 21, 2008

I realized that some people may be interested in seeing how I feed the girls. I know other twin mommies to be always ask how to feed them. First, is a picture of all the bottles for the day. Actually, I had already done 1 feeding, so it's almost all the bottles for a day:

And here is how I feed the girls. I sit in the middle and hold their bottles:

Here is a rare photo of me with Sofia. I just loved her sleeping face in this one. Oh and excuse me, I look horrible!

This one is just too cute of Maya:

And, the photo I gave to hubby for Father's Day:


Mrs. Piggy said...

Oh my GOSH did they get big...and still those pictures, thank you SO MUCH for sharing! You look great by the way!

Fertilized said...

They are getting SO BIG .... I am impressed with your abilities. I think I would be so lost and overwhlemed

Natalie said...

Just so adorable! I wanna see a photo of you with the girls, though!

Anonymous said...

Seeing all those bottles brings back a lot of memories! It's so much easier now! People always told me to enjoy the stage you're at because it gets harder. I disagree. It's getting easier all the time. I don't have to carry them everywhere anymore. The only thing I have to take with me anywhere is diapers and wipes now! It's much easier to get out the house. The only hard part now is that they fight a lot (but that's mostly because they have a 5 year old brother).

The only thing different that I did during feeding time is I sometimes sat between their bouncy seats and fed them. I always used those once they started eating baby food. They were a must have at our house. The boppies were great for putting around/behind them when they were learning to sit.

The girls look so adorable in the Father's Day picture.

Gemini Girl said...

great pics!

you should think of ivesting in a bottle bundle (google it). It is amazing! it holds the bottle so that you dont have to. seriously- it was our lifesaver!