Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ahhh.... testing season. It is the time of year when school is almost over- but not really. The testing begins and starts to fry the last remaining brain cells of our overworked students.

I had the great joy of getting to experience test coordination. The Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) was administered this week. Only the schools participating in the project I work for take it. The other schools take Gates-McGinnity. This week they get the DRP. Next week, the CST. 4 days of that. Unless you are an 8th grader. Then you get 6 days. How lucky! You also have to remember ALL the history you've learned from 6th grade to 8th grade. When will test writers learn that middle schoolers can hardly remember what they did an hour ago, let alone three years ago!

In reality, my experience with coordinating went fairly smoothly. Most teachers were cooperative and understanding. But is it really the best use of a Literacy Coaches time to be sharpening pencils and organizing test materials for the school?? You would think "they" would rather have coaches working with teachers. To improve actual instruction.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Universe? Are you out there? Are you listening? If not, LISTEN NOW!! Keep Nat pregnant!! What is happening is SO unfair. Beyond unfair. Keep the little bean in there and healthy! She deserves to have a child. She is a great person and a wonderful mom. Keep her pregnant, dammit.

If you are reading this, please go to Relaxing Doesn't Make Babies and offer your support and positive thoughts.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I know! I haven't updated in so long.

I am on Spring Break! I so needed this break. It's pretty interesting- before now I never wanted to be a stay at home mom. Work is a nice outlet in a way. But Monday, my first official day on spring break, I kept thinking about how great it would be to stay home all the time! I know it would be less stress. Right now it is very difficult to run all the errands I need to. I also wouldn't have work stress. I've also had a great time with the girls so far this week. I really like this age! They have these cute personalities and are learning so much right now. I don't want to miss any of it. But, there is no way we can afford for me to stay home.

I did decided, however, that I am bidding on a new position. Part of it- well most of it- has to do with the crazy people I work with and for. I can't take them any more. I also found some schools that are only about 10-15 min. from my house, and a few of them are K-8 schools that will be adding 8th grade next year! Plus, these are schools that most people don't look to go to if they have some seniority. So, I'm hoping this is a good thing and I get a position at a closer school. At least I would spend less time commuting.

The girls are doing great! Maya is 19 lbs and Sofia is 21 lbs. Still 2 lbs apart! Sofia is a little taller than Maya- but not by much. I think Maya was 28 inches and Sofia was 28 3/4 inches.

I need to take more pictures. I cannot find my camera battery charger, so I haven't been taking any. I need to find it!

The girls have also started signing some. Today, Maya started to sign "more." I thought it was a fluke at breakfast, so at lunch I waited until her tray was empty and then she signed "more"! She also signs "milk," which actually means "Bottle" to her. And she can sign "all done."

Sofia signs "all done" and "milk" which I recently discovered also means "bottle" for her. We have been transitioning to all sippy cups. Sofia was doing great with it too! But then yesterday at lunch, she wanted more to drink- which was milk in a sippy cup. So, as I got her more milk in the sippy I of course signed "more milk." Well, she started screaming. And kept screaming, even after I gave her the sippy! I finally figured out she meant "bottle." I wrapped up lunch, took the girls to the playroom and quickly got Sofia a bottle since she hadn't stopped screaming. Then while I was giving her the bottle, Maya saw her drinking from the bottle and of course started crying for it! I was able to put Sofia down for her nap and then get Maya a small bottle and put her down for her nap. Exhausting! But, I learned my lesson. I am not signing "milk" for a very long time- until they have forgotten about bottles! I also hid all of the bottles because if they even see one, they go crazy!

The summer can't come fast enough!