Friday, October 31, 2008

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I have been so busy!! My English professional development went really well- and I got a private email from my boss saying how good it was, and in her email to the 3 of us, she also said how strong the lessons were I did! Yay!

Maya is now 16 lbs and Sofia is 18 lbs!

Here are a ton of pictures!
Here is the family at the pumpkin patch


Maya, her 7 month photo:

Maya, newborn:

Sofia, 7 months:

Sofia, newborn:

The girls, together, 7 months


Sofia loves to read!

Maya is getting better at sitting:

What choo talkin' 'bout, mom?

I fed them frozen waffles in the mesh feeder. Sofia loved it:

Maya didn't

My toy, no MY toy

Uh oh, we got caught


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lots of stuff

I have been inspired to write. I've been thinking the past few days about things I wanted to write about. Yes, in the middle of giving a professional development to teachers, I am thinking about things I want to write about.

The past two days I, along with my two co-workers, have been presenting professional development to content area teachers. Monday we had a session with science teachers, and today we had a session with social studies teachers. Do you remember how I had problems earlier in the year with my co-workers? Yes, these are the same ones. I am working with English and social studies teachers, and the co-workers are working with science and math. Also remember that originally I was supposed to be working at 3 schools, but the one co-worker basically said that was not going to happen. I expressed my concerns over her having too much on her plate, but the boss left it. Well, she hardly ever comes to the main school I work at. I was quite pleased that I got a total of 13 teachers at the social studies session. They only got 5 science teachers between the two of them. Next week is math and English. I have about 20 or so teachers coming. The math session only has a handful- probably around 5 or 6.

The sessions have been going well and the teachers- even ones who have been resistant in the past- are quite open to these ideas. It's been great.

I came to a realization the other day. Ive been doing a lot of thinking about what I might do next year, and had been thinking of going back into the classroom. As I thought about it, I realized that at any job there will be political crap. That's the part I hate. But any job you have there is that political side. I think it is inescapable. Therefore, I need to do the job that makes me happy. Honestly, teaching students as well as teaching teachers makes me happy. If I teach teachers, though, I can have a larger effect of students. I had been frustrated by my first two years of coaching experience. I was not put into the best situation and I did not have the support I really needed. This year is different. I feel more comfortable coaching, and it's just different than before. I think being attached to two schools helps. When you are attached to one school, they do tend to take you for granted. Plus there were other admin issues for the past two years. So at this point, I think I will continue to coach. I love helping teachers. So that is where I stand at this moment. Of course, that could always change.

Most of you know, I care deeply about politics and am liberal. Very liberal. So of course I want to write more about the election! This is one thing I do miss about not being in the classroom. I loved election years with my students. Anyway, I found this article about the McCain campaign-Palin specifically- asking people for money for the campaign. Not directly, of course, but still asking for money. And yet, he wanted to accept public financing...

And here is a piece about Obama's legislative record:

This is the first time I have ever donated to a candidate. I just donated another $10 to Obama's campaign today. I think he will be an excellent leader.

My favorite topic- My GIRLS!

They are doing great. Maya is lunging forward in order to get items. She is trying to place her hands so she is crawling, but she doesn't know quite how to move her legs, so she lunges. I think I caught this on video, so I will have to post it. Sofia is rocking back and forth, but she is quite content staying in one spot. She also rolls to get to items, so she has her own way of doing it.

Sofia is loving solid food. She likes everything I have given her! Maya, on the other hand, is more like me. Sigh. She now isn't always sure of the food. But she does seem to like fruit a lot more than veggies. I keep offering the veggies in hopes that eventually she will get used to them. I do not want her ending up as picky as I am. I firmly believe I ended up being so picky because my mom did not continue to offer a variety of foods. I have gotten better at my pickyness, and am definitely not as bad as I once was. But I'd rather offer lots of different flavors and textures to my kids.

Once again I will say this- I love having twins! Yes, it is a lot of work. But it is so worth it. I can't imagine just having one. I am so lucky. It is so great to see their completely different personalities developing, and they have each other. They are starting to interact more and more, and I think it is great. Growing up I never really had anyone. I was an only child until age 7, and in my neighborhood there were no younger kids around. Plus, each house had so much property that neighbors were far away. It definitely was not like a typical city, or even suburban, neighborhood. I always wanted friends who lived near me, or siblings close to my age. It is so wonderful that they have each other.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Thursday night was a nightmare! Sofia woke after sleeping for about an hour and a half. She woke up screaming, and nothing would calm her down. I usually can get her calmed down, but not this time. I tried feeding her, and she ate, and it quieted her until she stopped eating. Then the ear piercing screaming started again. I started to get pretty worried because there was nothing I could do for her. It reminded me of the early days when they would scream and I would get upset. I called my hubby, crying, I was so frustrated, upset, and worried. Of course he could do nothing- he was at work. Finally, I got Sofia to sleep after one hour of screaming. I thought I was in the clear, but no. She woke after about 10 minutes. I gave her motrin, but that never helped. I gave her a cold pacifier and it worked for about 1 minute. I tried playing with her and that didn't even help. Again, somehow, she finally calmed down and went to sleep. As soon as she was calm, I laid down with her and we both fell asleep. I moved her to the co-sleeper when I woke and went to bed. Even though I had some work to do, it didn't get done since I only had a little while to eat my dinner before she started screaming.

I was worried about her, so I called the pediatrician in the morning. The nurse called me back, and that was a big waste of time! I wish the doctor would have called me back. The nurse asked a bunch of questions and then told me to go to 2 naps a day instead of 3. Also, put her to bed later and feed her cereal at night. Give her Tylenol before bed. Well, that was a waste. She is not going to have 2 naps a day. That just won't work. She gets very tired and really needs her naps. I did try putting her to bed a little later, but that is not the cause of the problem. I was afraid it could be an ear infection, but the nurse said that no fever and no ear pulling = no infection. And that is not true because I know plenty of people whose kids have had ear infections without either of those symptoms.

Last night was better. As soon as she started waking and fussing, I replaced her paci with a new, cold one from the fridge. That seemed to help, so I do think it is teething.

Please, wish me luck getting through this stage!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It feels like I haven't posted in a really long time- and I think it has been a really long time! I have been so busy and tired.

The girls are teething. Getting them to bed is a nightmare, and then they continue to wake up during the night. Sofia has been waking more, and staying awake and screaming. I finally gave Sofia Motrin last night and it seemed to work a bit. But she was up at 9 and 12:30am. Both times I fed her as that was the only thing that would calm her down. After I fed her the last time, I had to hold her upright against my chest and she finally fell asleep.

Tonight, I fed them at 5- they didn't eat too much, and I put them to bed since they were acting tired. Well they never really fell asleep and were full on screaming by 6. So I fed them 4 ounces which they ate and then they went to bed. I will try to feed them later tomorrow, but they always get hungry at 5!

Still no crawling, but Maya is very proficient at moving backwards and turning, which gets her to where she wants to go. She is trying to move forward, and it is so funny because she just lunges forward. I really need to get it on video!

Sofia still just rocks back and forth a little. She has no motivation to work on her crawling. But she does love her jumperoo!

Throughout the week I keep thinking of things to write about and of course I don't write them down, and then I forget what it was I was going to write. I keep meaning to write, but by the time I get them down, eat, watch a little tv, check email, it is 8:30 and I am so tired! It's 9:00 right now and bed is calling me. I've wanted to go to bed since about 8.

Next week I will be going to a psychiatrist. I thought it would be a good idea because I'm not so sure the Paxil is still working. Dr. O increased my dosage but said he wouldn't increase it anymore, I would have to talk to someone. Even after the dose was increased, I still get depressed on the weekends. It can get pretty bad sometimes. I don't want to do anything and just want to stay home. I also get more irritated. Now, I talked to my psychologist about it and it could be depression, but it could also just be from working and taking care of the girls. I really think it is depression though. It feels like it. So this psychiatrist seems really good, we'll see next week after I go to the appointment. I just hope we can get the meds right.

I will post some pictures later on. I am just too tired right now, and need to hopefully go to sleep- unless a baby wakes up!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I haven't written in awhile, so I thought I would. I've been busy, of course. I'm exhausted, but the girls are doing great! They are so cute and funny- I love seeing them grow!

The girls are still just rocking back and forth, no crawling yet. They still aren't sitting up. Maya can for a little bit if I prop her up so she is leaning forward. Still no "mama" or "dada" but they are babbling and laughing away.

I'm pretty sure they are teething. They have been cranky and biting on things. I don't feel any teeth yet though.

We did get preapproved for a loan- much to my shock! I thought there was no way we would get preapproval now, but we did! So we may be buying a new home. That would be so nice. I am a little nervous about renting our condo out though. But we need a house. This place is just way too small.

It's 8:15- time to go to bed!

Friday, October 03, 2008


I am a member of an email listserv, and have been for many years. This listserv focuses on teaching literacy in the workshop style. It hasn't been very active lately, but somebody posted a question, wanted some ideas, so I gladly gave some ideas. Nobody else had responded to this question either. Well, then somebody replies asking if it is ok that people (me) have a political signature. Here are the exact words:

I was wondering if this group has any parameters about political commentary? On other lists I participate in there are guidelines about espousing political issues, I think that is to ensure we don't alienate some members.
Just wondering,"

I have "Yes We Can! Obama/Biden 08" in my signature. I'm not taking it out. I will be interested to see what the responses are. It just makes me mad because you can choose to ignore it. I do not tell everyone to vote a certain way or anything like that. My posts are very constructive, and, as I said before, I have been a member of this list for many years. It just made me so mad. This is a list of educators- people who generally like freedom of speech, good debates, etc.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Holy shit.

I am already so grateful for my girls, but now I am even more so. I just opened up my pay stub and there was a note about changes to our medical coverage. Infertility treatments are no longer covered.

I teared up when I read that because I was able to get pregnant and have twins just before they dropped it. I teared up because I am so thankful for them. But I also teared up because I know this means that so many other people will have to pay out of pocket for fertility treatments. And some just can't afford it.