Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It feels like I haven't posted in a really long time- and I think it has been a really long time! I have been so busy and tired.

The girls are teething. Getting them to bed is a nightmare, and then they continue to wake up during the night. Sofia has been waking more, and staying awake and screaming. I finally gave Sofia Motrin last night and it seemed to work a bit. But she was up at 9 and 12:30am. Both times I fed her as that was the only thing that would calm her down. After I fed her the last time, I had to hold her upright against my chest and she finally fell asleep.

Tonight, I fed them at 5- they didn't eat too much, and I put them to bed since they were acting tired. Well they never really fell asleep and were full on screaming by 6. So I fed them 4 ounces which they ate and then they went to bed. I will try to feed them later tomorrow, but they always get hungry at 5!

Still no crawling, but Maya is very proficient at moving backwards and turning, which gets her to where she wants to go. She is trying to move forward, and it is so funny because she just lunges forward. I really need to get it on video!

Sofia still just rocks back and forth a little. She has no motivation to work on her crawling. But she does love her jumperoo!

Throughout the week I keep thinking of things to write about and of course I don't write them down, and then I forget what it was I was going to write. I keep meaning to write, but by the time I get them down, eat, watch a little tv, check email, it is 8:30 and I am so tired! It's 9:00 right now and bed is calling me. I've wanted to go to bed since about 8.

Next week I will be going to a psychiatrist. I thought it would be a good idea because I'm not so sure the Paxil is still working. Dr. O increased my dosage but said he wouldn't increase it anymore, I would have to talk to someone. Even after the dose was increased, I still get depressed on the weekends. It can get pretty bad sometimes. I don't want to do anything and just want to stay home. I also get more irritated. Now, I talked to my psychologist about it and it could be depression, but it could also just be from working and taking care of the girls. I really think it is depression though. It feels like it. So this psychiatrist seems really good, we'll see next week after I go to the appointment. I just hope we can get the meds right.

I will post some pictures later on. I am just too tired right now, and need to hopefully go to sleep- unless a baby wakes up!

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