Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year

With about five hours left of 2010, I thought I'd do a reflection on this year post. Very original.

2010 was a year of changes. The girls turned 2, and with being 2 came more independence. A good thing. But with independence come tantrums as well! Besides all the tantrums, it has been so fun watching the girls grow. I loved watching them go from parallel play, to actually interacting with each other and playing with one another. I loved watching them develop their imaginations as they now do lots of imaginative play. I have loved watching their personalities develop.

We had other huge changes as well. My husband's dad died, and while that was very sad and very difficult, it brought about some changes that have moved us in a positive direction. My husband quit his dead-end job and enrolled in college. He is going to get his bachelor's degree- which has been a dream of his for a long time. That makes money extremely tight, but we are managing. And even though money is tight, we have more energy because he is staying home with the girls and he is able to clean. Plus, he gets to spend tons of quality time with the girls. So even though money is stressful, it really is a good thing.

I don't know what 2011 will bring, but I am excited to find out.

Lastly, I don't know if I am the only one who ponders these things, but I remember being a little girl and imagining life after the year 2000. It seemed very futuristic, and I thought we would have flying cars by now. Besides the flying cars, it seemed so far away, and now it is here. Crazy to think about.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Croup is scary. I hope my girls never ever get it again!

Right before Christmas, S had a very stuffy nose, but it wasn't bothering her too much. On Christmas, M started getting a stuffy nose too, but she was fine. Christmas night, I put her to bed and she was not going to sleep. I thought she was wired from all the excitement of the day. Then, she started crying a bit and saying that she couldn't lay down. This was weird since she usually never complains at bedtime. I kept trying to put her back down and finally brought her in my room to sleep with me.

That is when I noticed that when she was sleeping, she was having noisy breathing and she would also sometimes gasp for air. And she had a horrible "barking" cough. I had already called the nurse line earlier because during dinner a red spot appeared in her eye which freaked me out (turned out to be a broken blood vessel), so we already had an appointment scheduled for the following day. I called again though because I was worried. Nurse said it sounded like croup, and told me what to do.

First, I had to take her in the bathroom, and run a hot shower and sit in the steam for 20 minutes. Then, we had to go outside- luckily it had stopped raining- and breathe the cool, moist air. That seemed to help for a bit. I then had M laying on me as I was propped up so she could breathe better. By this time it was about 3 am. At 5 am I was very close to taking her in, but I didn't.

I got maybe 1 or 2 hours of sleep. M got about 3, if that. She was fine though during the day. Took her in to the doctor, got a dose of steroids, and she has been fine ever since! That night was so scary though. Croup is awful.

Monday, December 20, 2010

My body works! Amazing!

I forgot to refill my bcps, so I tried an experiment. I stayed off them. A couple weeks after stopping them, I got fertile cm. I was shocked! But, my body has a way of playing tricks on me. So I waited. 2 weeks later, my period showed! Yes, it was very light, but it was THERE. Amazing. Now, a friend of mine who also has PCOS has been having regular cycles since giving birth and weaning, but I figured since I went right back on the pill I would not be fixed. But I am! When af came, I seriously wanted to throw a party! I cannot tell you how nice it feels to see my body working. And no, not thinking about trying to have another. I'm just thrilled my body is doing something right.