Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011...Hello 2012!

I have been away a long time! Work has been crazy, so I haven't had the time or energy to post anything. This school year has been difficult and not good at all. I cannot wait for it to be over, and I don't think I've said that before in the 10 years I've been teaching! I think with the economy, more and more kids are having major issues at home, and when you get to know students and are trying to teach them, well, it wears on you. Top that with no permanent administrators, and it's not a good thing. But enough about work!

The girls turned 3 this year, which was exciting. Yes, 3s are rougher than 2s! With the 3s, it was like they were bipolar. It has gotten a little better, but there are still major mood swings! It has been awesome seeing M & S grow up. They are so big now and becoming these little, interesting people.

I don't think I've gotten any twin comments this year at all. It's funny, when they are infants, you get so many comments, many of them not welcome, and then it diminishes. Which is totally fine, I just think it is interesting. It is so much easier now that my girls are older. While I still prefer to go shopping alone- it is so much quicker! I can take them shopping by myself, and it's not that big of a pain. Not like it was when they were 2 and under. Pretty much everything has gotten easier. The tantrums are not fun, but once you know the best way to handle them for each (because oh, they respond SO differently to things!), it gets easier.

I noticed someone asked me a question on my last post, and I never answered it! So I will now. They asked about how long I kept the girls together in a crib when they were infants.

I had a full size co-sleeper that they both slept in for a long time. I think I kept them both in it together until about 4 months, when they started rolling over. And even after that I would have them nap in it. We had 2 cribs set up from the start, but didn't need them right away. They slept in the same crib until they started really rolling around, probably around 5 months. Before that, sometimes I would have one sleep in the crib and one in the co-sleeper. It just depended on what they needed. The best lesson I ever learned being a twin mom: You do what works for YOU! People will give you suggestions, which are great, but you need to find what works for you and your babies and stick with it. Good luck!