Thursday, February 28, 2008

35 Weeks!

I made it to 35 weeks!!!! Yay! I am so happy! After my appointment last week, I was a little worried I would deliver before 35 weeks, and I really didn't want to! Now, I feel much more relieved! Of course, I would like to make it to 37 weeks, but we'll see what happens!

I've had some contractions today, but nothing painful or regular. I'm going to venture out to Target tomorrow, so we'll see. I'll probably have a few more contractions. I can't believe the girls will be here so soon!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thanks for the comment S! Sorry you had to deal with crappy care as well!! It did make me grateful for my doctor though!

I just watched the documentary The Business of Being Born. Pretty good! Although, I pretty much knew all the info that was in it. I don't think that many women in general in the U.S. do have all this info, and it would be great if more women would see this! But I have a feeling all the women who will see this documentary are ones who are already in this mindset, if that makes any sense. It didn't go into the details of how much doctors/hospitals/insurance companies make from c-sections or other interventions. I would have liked to see more on that. It discussed it briefly. It also made me very glad that I have the doctor I have!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another night in Triage

I am so annoyed! So last night I was having contractions that started at 10 min. apart, and then went to 5 min apart for an hour!!!! So, I really thought this was it. We went in, and of course it was 4:30 in the morning so the night nurses were on. Never again am I going in the middle of the night.
I get hooked up to the monitors, and I was still contracting. Then, the nurse wanted to do the FFN test, and I said no - my Dr. wasn't going to stop labor, and if I am in labor you need to call him. Well, they didn't have anything in my records saying to call him. Then, she paged the on call Dr. to see if he wanted to do the FFN. I hear her on the phone say I'm 33 and 5 days!! NO, I am 34 and 3 days! I also hear something about a decel in one of the girls! She came back in and mentioned it, so of course I was nervous but I also felt like it was the monitors. The girls always move away from them or kick them and they can never get a good reading. I also told her I was 34 and 3 - oh I had previously told her my DUE DATE. So she showed me a piece of paper that said my due date was 4/7 and it was from an u/s in Sept. Um, ok, but I KNOW my real due date, especially since I did IUI plus I've been having growth scans!

So anyway, the stupid on call doctor basically wanted to pass me off to the next Dr. since it was 6 am and they switch at 7 am. So that's what they did. Shift changed, I am still waiting. Finally at 7:30 Hubby goes out and asks if I'm going to be released, and at this point I haven't been having any regular contractions. Dr. wouldn't call them back, so they call again, nurses change and finally Dr. calls back and I can go
They were treating it basically like preterm labor (which is understandable, but I do have twins) and the on call Dr. wanted me to get a follow up appt. w/ my doc.

So I will be calling my doc to tell him to fax over the note that says call him and to also fax something that says my REAL due date!!! And I am NEVER going back in the middle of the night.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Now that I vented about my stupid pay roll at my stupid district, I do feel better! After I wrote that, I went and calculated everything out - including our bills. And actually, it does work out better if they divide up the payments. Otherwise, in June I would get a super tiny check, and that would be even harder. I then looked at bills and we can do it. It will be TIGHT, but hey, we have twins coming, it will be tight anyway! I guess the main thing I do not appreciate is they called with ONE week to go before I get paid. I do not like surprises. It's a good thing we will be getting money from the government from the economic package too! That will help.

Since yesterday, I have been STARVING!! It is so weird because for the past few weeks I have not been hungry at all, and when I would go to eat I could hardly eat anything before getting full. Now, I have been eating non-stop! I wonder if that means they've dropped, so my stomach has more room? It's crazy how much I've been eating - but it's good. I want them to GROW!! I also finally slept pretty well last night - despite still waking every hour. I have been having major problems falling asleep. Not last night! I even slept for two 1-hour stretches today!

Friday, February 22, 2008

AAHHHH!!! I hate employers!!! Just when I thought everything was worked out, they have do something dumb! I got a call a little while ago from my pay roll department. What I originally thought would happen was I would use all my fully paid sick leave, then it would go into half sick leave. Well, since they don't want to over pay me, they just calculate when my full sick leave would end and calculate all the hours and how much I should get paid and then split it into my last 5 pay checks. So, I will be getting paid a LOT less starting, oh next week. And disability hasn't kicked in because I lagged, and then pay roll lagged at getting that paperwork in. And I just called them and they were surprised my employer was doing it that way, and they didn't have that paperwork yet, so they couldn't really say how it would work for me yet. I so don't need this right now!!!

Now that I think about it, I think pay roll may have calculated my sick leave wrong anyway, I will have to double check. It's just stressful thinking that you will have plenty for bills until May or so, and then boom! No, I find out I will have to struggle from now until June! I just hope everything works out ok. I think it will, but I hate having to really worry about money - especially right now.

Thanks for all the comments! :) I called the SDPD today, and of course I had to leave a message and they have not called back. I may call the CHP again because I know I can schedule an appointment - I just think the person who answered was clueless.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


I found out today at my OB appointment that I am 3 cm dilated and about 80% effaced!!! That shocked me! The doctor said I would probably go within the next 2 weeks! I am hoping that I keep them in until 37 weeks though. I want them to bake as long as possible! But knowing it could quite possibly happen very soon - wow! I was nervous about delivery before, and now just more so!

Oh, and they must NOT come March 5th or 6th because my OB will be at a wedding in Mexico. Anytime before, or preferably after that, would be fine. I like that they are to call him - even if he is not on call! That makes me feel a lot better because I love my OB and he knows what he's doing and is confident in doing twin vaginal births.

We still need to install the car seats! Hubby was going to do it last weekend, and then we didn't get around to it. I also need to find a place that will schedule an appointment to check my seats! I called the highway patrol yesterday and she told me they didn't do appointments - even though online it said they did. So I'm going to call other places today.

I can't believe they will be here so soon!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I can't believe how close I'm getting! Really, in about 1 week, if I were to go into labor, they would not stop it!! This is very surreal for me! I'm also terrified of labor and delivery. But, like many other things, I think the waiting and thinking about it is probably the worst.

I just can't describe though, how surreal this is. I mean, for the longest time I didn't think I'd be able to have children. Then, I got pregnant and that took awhile to get used to. But I did. And now that it's almost time for the girls to actually BE here, it's very surreal! I'm super excited about meeting them though!

We have pretty much everything we need and everything is set up in the nursery. I should post some pictures. Oh! And I am getting a glider!! I wasn't sure if we'd be able to do it, but MIL said she;d pay for half of it, so now it is definitely affordable for us! I know I probably won't be able to breastfeed in it (unless I only feed one at a time), but I think it will be great anyway.

Monday, February 18, 2008

I had a more detailed u/s done today. The other doctor ordered it while my doctor was out of town. I was looking forward to it because it is a better machine than they have in their office. Well, the tech didn't even turn the screen toward me! I could sort of see it, but not really well. I should have said something, but I didn't. It was also not comfortable!! I was laying on my back, and of course this u/s took longer than others I've had. Well, part way through I started getting light headed and my heart was pounding. So she had me roll over to one side. Rolling over is not easy and not comfortable at all! Then to get the other one, I had to roll to the other side. So then I couldn't even see the screen at all. I then had to lie on my back again because she couldn't get some shots. Right at the end I again started getting light headed. She then had to do a T/V u/s because she couldn't see my cervix on the abdominal u/s. That was fine, but she didn't tell me about my cervix. And I totally forgot to ask because I was still all light headed and just not feeling well. She did tell me the weights:
Sofia: 4lbs. 9 oz.
Maya: 4 lbs. 7 oz.

And told me what they were measuring over all - but I didn't find out any specifics. I know, I should have asked. It was just frustrating that I couldn't see anything and she didn't explain anything. Maybe I've just been spoiled by good techs and good doctors.

Thursday I see my OB so I will ask him!

We are pretty much all set for the girls to come! We bought some last minute little things last night, and hubby just has to install the car seats. Unfortunately, I somehow LOST my car manual! But, our neighbors have the same car as me (same color even!) so we will ask them. I wanted to get it done today, but that didn't happen. Hopefully by the weekend it will be done and we can go get it checked.

I'm getting anxious to meet them, but scared to death of labor and delivery!! That actually scares me more than bringing them home!

edited to add: Interesting! I couldn't post this at first, and then I saw I had spelled out T/V, so I changed it to just the letters and it posted. Wow. So blogger considers that a bad word? Amazing.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Hubby was so sweet! He knows I've been having a rough time - especially sleeping!! So on Valentine's Day I woke up, and there was pink tulips, 2 huge chocolate bars, and a nice card waiting for me!! It was very sweet. We usually don't do much for V-Day, usually cards only. But he really put some thought into this :) Definitely made my day!

I had some more Braxton Hicks last night. I hate them. I even had one or two that were pretty uncomfortable - almost hurting! I've been telling the girls they need to stay put until 37 weeks at least!

Next week should be fun. I have a more detailed u/s on Monday for a growth scan, then on Wed. I have an OB appointment. It will be nice to see them on a better u/s machine again! Even though they are super squished!

Monday, February 11, 2008

So here I am, posting at 11:00 pm! Why so late? It's not because I'm not tired, I am pretty tired, but I don't WANT to go to bed. Sleeping hurts. I start out laying on my left side, get all my pillows just perfect - I think I have like 4 or 5- then about an hour later, I wake up having to go to the bathroom. So, I try to sit up, which is very difficult at this point, lug myself off the side of my bed and go pee. Then I go back to bed, I have to switch sides because my hip/back/everything is hurting from laying on the one side. So then I have to redo all my pillows, not to mention when I lay down on my right side I get a pain in my side. It feels like an ovary pain, but I'm pretty sure it is round ligament pain because I'll push a little above the ovary area and it still hurts. Oh, I forgot, before I lie down I also have to drink water. So then I go back to sleep for about another hour and repeat. It's so fun. Last night I think I went for a stretch of 2 hours and I was so happy!

I think I forgot to mention that I have moved out my bedroom and my bed and moved into the bed in the nursery. My bed has a mattress that we just bought back in September. At the time, I loved it! But a couple nights ago I had the worst time sleeping and the mattress was just way too soft for me. I even contemplated sleeping on the floor! The bed in the nursery is firm and doesn't have a pillow top and is a lot lower to the floor, which is nice! So even though my back still hurts constantly, it hurts less than when I was sleeping in my bed. Hubby is somewhat glad I moved out too, because I took up the entire bed with all my pillows!

Since about Thursday or Friday, it has gotten really difficult. Constant pain and now I'm moving even slower than before, which I didn't think was possible! And honestly, I hate complaining because I know how lucky I am to be having twins! And I remember everything I went through to get to this point. It's just very difficult right now. I'd be ready for them to be out now, if it wasn't so early. Hubby told me to take it one day at a time, so I'm trying to do that and trying not to think about how many weeks are left.

The other frustrating thing was my Mother in Law. She always has comments to make, and hubby mentioned how he was working and doing everything at home too because I can't. Well, she wasn't too happy about that. She couldn't believe I wasn't helping out more! Well gee, it's not like I'm on vacation here! I'm pretty much homebound and can't do much at all! Hubby tried to explain to her that I was full term size a couple weeks ago, but I doubt she even remembers what that's like. All I know is, she better be prepared to help out when she comes to visit us! If not, oh boy, my temper is even worse now that I have all these hormones! I can only imagine what I might say if she makes me mad while she's here! Hopefully she will surprise me and help out, but we'll see.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm feeling a bit better today. Still have a headache, but it's not nearly as bad as it was yesterday! Of course, now my upper back has really started to kill me. I am super uncomfortable. That being said, thank god I got the nursery pretty much all completed! I can't imagine working on it right now! I do have some clothes to wash and fold and a couple things to put away, but it's pretty much all ready to go! I need to take some pictures and post them.

Now I'm getting really nervous about delivery. I'm sure it's the unknown that scares me. At least my doctor said it should be pretty easy - if they stay head down!

I feel bad for my hubby because he really has to do most everything around the house, plus he works nights, works overtime, and works on Saturdays. But, it does annoy me when he gets aggravated that he has to do all that because it's not like I'm having a party every day! Plus, it's only going to get harder when the girls arrive. He does know that I am working hard at growing them, but I do think sometimes he forgets. I also think part of it has to do with society. Women are the ones who are "supposed" to take care of the kids and do the housework. It's just like when I tell people that we aren't going to have child care. Hubby will stay with the girls during the day and go into work a couple hours late. Then I get home and will take care of them, after working full time. So many people are shocked and ask when is HE going to get any sleep? Him?! What about ME?!? We will BOTH be working full time and taking care of kids full time, but I guess that is expected of me since I'm a woman, and not of the man.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Thanks for the comment S! :) No blurred vision and no excessive swelling. I don't think it is blood pressure. Wednesday my blood pressure was fine though. Of course, if I was at work I could just go and have the nurse check it for me!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Back to our regular scheduled programming

Yesterday I had an OB appointment, and with my OB! He's back from vacation, thank god! Everything looked good. Sofia is 4 pounds and Maya is 3 pounds 14 ounces! They are both still head down, which is great. I asked Dr. O about laboring in the labor room because the freaky multiples class instructor said that twin mommas have to labor and deliver in the OR! I did NOT want that! So, Dr. O said no, I would labor in the labor room and if they stay head down I could most likely also deliver there! They can just wheel me over to the OR if necessary. I am so glad! I also asked Dr. O how it worked when I went into labor because I want HIM to deliver me. He said that they usually call him and he also put a note in my chart for them to call him when I'm in labor! He also said something about how he trusts himself more than others to deliver twins :) Although he said with me, if they stay head down my birth will be pretty easy and uneventful and probably anyone could deliver them. But still, I trust him and do not want anyone else delivering me. I would just feel a LOT more comfortable. Plus, I know he really does not want me to have a c-section and I'm afraid another doctor would push sooner for a c-section.

I'm still worried about Sofia. Her head is large. Dr. O again said not abnormally large, but when I looked on the screen it was in the 97th percentile!!! So that plus the fact we had the bad NT scan for her, is freaking me out. Hopefully she will be ok.

I'm not feeling so good today. Not sure if I'm getting sick, or if I just feel like this because I'm pregnant. I don't have a fever, but I do feel achy and have a headache. I hope I'm not getting sick!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Taking a break from talking about pregnancy today to bring you an awesome video about Barak Obama! Yes, I am voting for him on Tuesday, and encourage you to do the same!

Friday, February 01, 2008

I am so mad!! Maybe this is making me so mad because I am pregnant - I seriously need a shirt that says, "Don't piss off the pregnant lady!"

Anyway, at work there is this secretary and she is totally type A, anal retentive, and it drives everyone nuts!! Well, She forwarded me info on how to go about taking my leave. This "leave" is actually taken out of my SICK days. Of course, I need approval from my doctor. So, I get her a time card, signed by the doctor for Jan. I forgot to bring one for Feb. to the appointment. Well, the secretary tells me I need a note too. Fine, I tell her I will get it to her next week. Well today she emails me asking for it again! UGH! I should have kept my big mouth shut, but I said something about getting it to her next week, but the information I read just required a time card. So she emails me back again, and said she had spoken to someone in payroll who of course affirmed that I need a doctor's note. Yes, I know. I already said I'd get you one!! Then she goes on to tell me she can charge it to UNpaid leave until I get the paperwork! UM NO!!!!!! They would end up never paying me for the time or paying me months later, knowing my school district. Oh, the best part is she doesn't even have to submit anything until at least Feb. 15th!!! IT IS ONLY THE FIRST, and I already told you I would have it next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I sent her an email back just saying NOT to charge it to unpaid leave and I would get her the paperwork next week. She is driving me nuts!!!!!!!!!!!