Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm feeling a bit better today. Still have a headache, but it's not nearly as bad as it was yesterday! Of course, now my upper back has really started to kill me. I am super uncomfortable. That being said, thank god I got the nursery pretty much all completed! I can't imagine working on it right now! I do have some clothes to wash and fold and a couple things to put away, but it's pretty much all ready to go! I need to take some pictures and post them.

Now I'm getting really nervous about delivery. I'm sure it's the unknown that scares me. At least my doctor said it should be pretty easy - if they stay head down!

I feel bad for my hubby because he really has to do most everything around the house, plus he works nights, works overtime, and works on Saturdays. But, it does annoy me when he gets aggravated that he has to do all that because it's not like I'm having a party every day! Plus, it's only going to get harder when the girls arrive. He does know that I am working hard at growing them, but I do think sometimes he forgets. I also think part of it has to do with society. Women are the ones who are "supposed" to take care of the kids and do the housework. It's just like when I tell people that we aren't going to have child care. Hubby will stay with the girls during the day and go into work a couple hours late. Then I get home and will take care of them, after working full time. So many people are shocked and ask when is HE going to get any sleep? Him?! What about ME?!? We will BOTH be working full time and taking care of kids full time, but I guess that is expected of me since I'm a woman, and not of the man.



Hang in there- I know it will all work out in the end. The delivery part always seems to get a little nerve wracking for all of the Mom's that I have helped take care no matter how prepared they are or how many classes they have taken or books that they have read- I think it may be because it is the part that you don't have total control over and there are several unknowns- but you sound like you have an amazing doctor that is an advocate for you and is listening to you- I know that it is all overwhelming and scary- but remember your dear hubby is going to be by your side. I am keeping you in my thoughts and sending you peaceful thoughts for a relaxing weekend- wishing you a very Happy Valentine's Day!

Natalie said...

That would totally offend me too, people asking when HE is going to get sleep. What?? It's really cool that you have a plan to trade off watching them, though! I hope that works out for you guys!

I do think men forget how much we do... I know my husband's a very visual person. And while he intellectually KNOWS that my body is doing all these weird and crazy things, I can still catch him rolling his eyes sometimes at me. He can't feel what I feel, so therefore his mind just can't quite grasp it.

I think that's the scariest part about L&D..... the unknown. It worries me too... and my hubby. You really don't know what to expect, no matter how much reading you do... and it's scary!

The Dunn Family said...

I hear ya! I remember one day I was pretty sick, so my husband took the twins to our nephew's birthday by himself so I could stay home and get some sleep. People were SHOCKED that he was there with them by himself. All they kept saying to me later on was "How amazing is he that he did that?" ... and I'm like "WHAT??? They are his kids. He should know how to take care of them! Heck, I do it and no one is giving me a medal"

I'm sure it's just like you said. Your DH KNOWS what an important job you are doing. He is probably just tired and frustrated. Do your best to talk about it as much as you can, because like you said, it will get worse once the girls arrive. But you guys will work through it. It's tough for sure, at the beginning, but you will get into a routine and figure it out!

Good luck!