Monday, February 11, 2008

So here I am, posting at 11:00 pm! Why so late? It's not because I'm not tired, I am pretty tired, but I don't WANT to go to bed. Sleeping hurts. I start out laying on my left side, get all my pillows just perfect - I think I have like 4 or 5- then about an hour later, I wake up having to go to the bathroom. So, I try to sit up, which is very difficult at this point, lug myself off the side of my bed and go pee. Then I go back to bed, I have to switch sides because my hip/back/everything is hurting from laying on the one side. So then I have to redo all my pillows, not to mention when I lay down on my right side I get a pain in my side. It feels like an ovary pain, but I'm pretty sure it is round ligament pain because I'll push a little above the ovary area and it still hurts. Oh, I forgot, before I lie down I also have to drink water. So then I go back to sleep for about another hour and repeat. It's so fun. Last night I think I went for a stretch of 2 hours and I was so happy!

I think I forgot to mention that I have moved out my bedroom and my bed and moved into the bed in the nursery. My bed has a mattress that we just bought back in September. At the time, I loved it! But a couple nights ago I had the worst time sleeping and the mattress was just way too soft for me. I even contemplated sleeping on the floor! The bed in the nursery is firm and doesn't have a pillow top and is a lot lower to the floor, which is nice! So even though my back still hurts constantly, it hurts less than when I was sleeping in my bed. Hubby is somewhat glad I moved out too, because I took up the entire bed with all my pillows!

Since about Thursday or Friday, it has gotten really difficult. Constant pain and now I'm moving even slower than before, which I didn't think was possible! And honestly, I hate complaining because I know how lucky I am to be having twins! And I remember everything I went through to get to this point. It's just very difficult right now. I'd be ready for them to be out now, if it wasn't so early. Hubby told me to take it one day at a time, so I'm trying to do that and trying not to think about how many weeks are left.

The other frustrating thing was my Mother in Law. She always has comments to make, and hubby mentioned how he was working and doing everything at home too because I can't. Well, she wasn't too happy about that. She couldn't believe I wasn't helping out more! Well gee, it's not like I'm on vacation here! I'm pretty much homebound and can't do much at all! Hubby tried to explain to her that I was full term size a couple weeks ago, but I doubt she even remembers what that's like. All I know is, she better be prepared to help out when she comes to visit us! If not, oh boy, my temper is even worse now that I have all these hormones! I can only imagine what I might say if she makes me mad while she's here! Hopefully she will surprise me and help out, but we'll see.


Jenn said...

Hi, Wow that brings back memories, when I hit the 32 wk mark I was uncomfortable to say the least. Hang in there and as for the MIL just remember you carry her beautiful new grandchildren and taking care of them is all you need to worry about right now! and kudos to Hubby for stepping up:)


Bless those MIL- aren't they so sweet LOL...have to agree with jenn - remind her what work you ARE doing- you are growing (sorry that sounds a little odd and scientific) her two beautiful granddaughters- and that is A LOT of work! She should be proud that she raised a good man that is taking care of his family- yes it is more work for him, but he is doing it to prepare for the extra work that you are already doing that he CAN'T help you with. But she is a MIL and her precious baby is being overworked by the girl that took him away (I have one of those too) and no matter he says or what you say- she isn't going to see it for anything but what she wants. Hopefully when she looks into those two beautiful faces next month she'll have a change of heart and those two little angels will have grandma wrapped around their little fingers and you'll have more help than you'll know what to do with- babies have been known to melt even the strongest of hearts- I have seen it happen- Hang in there :) I know you only have about a month left but have you tried using something like any of these maternity body pillows ? I looked at getting one of these- I had a few pg friends a couple of years ago that swore by them- they were still using them a month or so post partum - they said it really helped with the back pain and hip pain- I found them at babys r us and they sold the covers there as well- so that you wouldn't have to order it online- or you could at least check it out if you haven't already- hope you are able to get some rest and relax a little. Keeping you in my thoughts- big hugs to and to hubby for stepping up and being a great dad already- remind him it's sexy to see a man wash dishes :) Sending you lots of love!

Theresa said...

Oh geez... I hear you on the sleeping issues. I can only lay on my left side because my right side is still too sensitive from my surgery. When my left side gets sore, I'm done! I am awake a good portion of the night sometimes! Thank God for being out of work so that I can take little naps here and there. I can't imagine being full term size already. I'm SO uncomfortable and so I can't imagine how you must feel! Keep your head up! We're almost there.

Erika, mum to 3 said...

You need to talk to your doctor about sleep positioning and physical therapy. PT will help get the correct positions. You would be a lot less sore if you could do that. I had triplets last year and started getting uncomfortable with sleep (as in unable to sleep well at all) nearing 25-26 weeks. After PT, what a difference LOL, sleep was possibly again!

As for your MIL, she's just watching out for her baby like you'll be watching out for your two. Forever. She just be may vocal about it than needs be.

Natalie said...

My sleeping issues are barely half as bad as yours and it's making me cranky enough as it is! Taking it one day at a time sounds like a good idea. *hugs* Hang in there girl.