Saturday, February 23, 2008

Now that I vented about my stupid pay roll at my stupid district, I do feel better! After I wrote that, I went and calculated everything out - including our bills. And actually, it does work out better if they divide up the payments. Otherwise, in June I would get a super tiny check, and that would be even harder. I then looked at bills and we can do it. It will be TIGHT, but hey, we have twins coming, it will be tight anyway! I guess the main thing I do not appreciate is they called with ONE week to go before I get paid. I do not like surprises. It's a good thing we will be getting money from the government from the economic package too! That will help.

Since yesterday, I have been STARVING!! It is so weird because for the past few weeks I have not been hungry at all, and when I would go to eat I could hardly eat anything before getting full. Now, I have been eating non-stop! I wonder if that means they've dropped, so my stomach has more room? It's crazy how much I've been eating - but it's good. I want them to GROW!! I also finally slept pretty well last night - despite still waking every hour. I have been having major problems falling asleep. Not last night! I even slept for two 1-hour stretches today!

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Natalie said...

Glad you got that figured out!! Don't need money stress when you're about to have a baby (or, err, babies).... but I guess it's kind of a fact of life to deal with.