Sunday, May 02, 2010


Let's talk bibs. Ever since the girls were born, I have been on a quest for the perfect bib. When they started solids, I went with the Bumkins bibs. I had only heard good things about them, and they worked great- for awhile. Have a pocket to catch food, machine washable. Then M started being able to take off any velcro bib. Then I found J.J. Cole bibs at Babies R Us. I loved those! They were sturdier than the Bumkins, which was great for messy food, and they snapped! Also machine washable. However, they started stinking after awhile.

I thought I would have to always buy more bibs, and then I spotted the Circo brand at Target. They have a pocket, are sturdier than the Bumkins, but not as stiff as the J.J. Cole. They have velcro and I was worried about M. taking them off, but I decided to try them. What do you know? They worked! And I absolutely love them! They are a bit more waterproof than the other bibs, so instead of getting soaked after I rinse them, they are just a little wet, and the water just beads up on it. The velcro seems to hold better than any other ones I have tried, but that may change after a many uses. We will see. And the best part, they are cheaper than the other bibs! I paid $6.99 for two wheras, before, I was paying $5.99 or $6.99 for one.

I totally recommend these bibs, especially if you have twins. I was happy they came in a two-pack. It seems like everything comes in a three-pack. Unfortunately, I cannot find them online, so no link. Check them out at your local Target!