Sunday, May 02, 2010


Let's talk bibs. Ever since the girls were born, I have been on a quest for the perfect bib. When they started solids, I went with the Bumkins bibs. I had only heard good things about them, and they worked great- for awhile. Have a pocket to catch food, machine washable. Then M started being able to take off any velcro bib. Then I found J.J. Cole bibs at Babies R Us. I loved those! They were sturdier than the Bumkins, which was great for messy food, and they snapped! Also machine washable. However, they started stinking after awhile.

I thought I would have to always buy more bibs, and then I spotted the Circo brand at Target. They have a pocket, are sturdier than the Bumkins, but not as stiff as the J.J. Cole. They have velcro and I was worried about M. taking them off, but I decided to try them. What do you know? They worked! And I absolutely love them! They are a bit more waterproof than the other bibs, so instead of getting soaked after I rinse them, they are just a little wet, and the water just beads up on it. The velcro seems to hold better than any other ones I have tried, but that may change after a many uses. We will see. And the best part, they are cheaper than the other bibs! I paid $6.99 for two wheras, before, I was paying $5.99 or $6.99 for one.

I totally recommend these bibs, especially if you have twins. I was happy they came in a two-pack. It seems like everything comes in a three-pack. Unfortunately, I cannot find them online, so no link. Check them out at your local Target!


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Thanks for the tip! We've used cheapie, terry cloth ones forever but I'm getting a little tired of all the stains on their clothes. Maybe it's time to upgrade... :-)

One of these days maybe they'll be able to eat without bibs...??? ;-)

Heather said...

Without bibs! HA! Mine are getting better, but they are still pretty messy! I can't believe you are still using the cloth ones! Switch!

Rebecca said...

Bibs...ugh! If they smell, pour some white vinegar in your washing machine and it totally helps! I hated the velcro ones!

Mathis said...

These baby silicone bibs are so awesome...easy to clean and get the job done!



Rob O'Neill said...

Through this post of yours, I could say that you've been in that hard time too, just to find the most perfect bib for your little ones. Sometimes we go through a lot before having what we want. This simply means that we really need those bibs in our life. I enjoyed reading this one.