Sunday, August 15, 2010

Potty Training!

Here is the question of the week from Multiples and More:
What are your tips and tricks for potty training?

* What age did you begin with your child(ren)?
* How long did it take?
* Did you use a "system", or just wing it?
* Did you use specific rewards for incentive? How did that work for you?
* If you could change anything about the experience, what would you do differently?
* Did you use Pull-Ups?
* Do you think it's easier to potty train multiples at the same time, or separately?

It is too funny that this is the topic I have been focused on for the past month, and now it is a question of the week :)

Note: I do not claim to have THE definitive answer on this, and I'm not sure any tips or tricks I share will actually be tips or tricks. But, I can share my experiences!

My girls are 2 1/2. 29 months to be exact. At about 18 months, I purchased two potties and they become toys for awhile. Eventually, they would sit on them. M had been showing tons of signs of readiness around age 2. I decided that when I went on break from school, that was it, we would potty train! I tried 1 day of putting her in big girl undies and sitting her on the potty every 15 min. By the time the first hour was up, she flat out refused to sit on the potty anymore. So I quickly changed my plan.

Now I am doing the "Laid back" approach. They go on the potty if they want. They wear pull ups. Sometimes they want to go on the potty, and sometimes they are too busy playing to want to sit on the potty. This works for us right now. I think I will try the no diapers at all thing again, but not until my next break. I do believe that the closer to age 3 they are, the easier it will be. I hope.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Laid Back Potty Training

As you know, I've stepped away from the militant route and am now trying a laid back approach to potty training. I must say it is a lot less stressful for both me and the girls, and I think it is working! This morning M had diaper rash so I let her run free this morning. I told her that if she needed to peepee, her potty was there and she needed to pee in the potty since she had no diaper on. I was fully expecting an accident, but when I wasn't looking, she went over to her potty, peed and then told me that she went peepee in the potty!

Even S has been doing better. She has been actually wanting to sit on the potty and in the last couple of days has actually peed in the potty! And today she even told me before she had to go (and her pull up was dry) and then went.

Who knew that we would be so interested in pee and poo?!? I am glad they are starting to get it, and I know different things work for everyone, but I must say the laid back approach is nice.