Thursday, February 07, 2008

Back to our regular scheduled programming

Yesterday I had an OB appointment, and with my OB! He's back from vacation, thank god! Everything looked good. Sofia is 4 pounds and Maya is 3 pounds 14 ounces! They are both still head down, which is great. I asked Dr. O about laboring in the labor room because the freaky multiples class instructor said that twin mommas have to labor and deliver in the OR! I did NOT want that! So, Dr. O said no, I would labor in the labor room and if they stay head down I could most likely also deliver there! They can just wheel me over to the OR if necessary. I am so glad! I also asked Dr. O how it worked when I went into labor because I want HIM to deliver me. He said that they usually call him and he also put a note in my chart for them to call him when I'm in labor! He also said something about how he trusts himself more than others to deliver twins :) Although he said with me, if they stay head down my birth will be pretty easy and uneventful and probably anyone could deliver them. But still, I trust him and do not want anyone else delivering me. I would just feel a LOT more comfortable. Plus, I know he really does not want me to have a c-section and I'm afraid another doctor would push sooner for a c-section.

I'm still worried about Sofia. Her head is large. Dr. O again said not abnormally large, but when I looked on the screen it was in the 97th percentile!!! So that plus the fact we had the bad NT scan for her, is freaking me out. Hopefully she will be ok.

I'm not feeling so good today. Not sure if I'm getting sick, or if I just feel like this because I'm pregnant. I don't have a fever, but I do feel achy and have a headache. I hope I'm not getting sick!


Fertilize Me said...

glad you got really good news from the dr's office - i do hope that you feel better


I am glad that you had a really great appt! And know the nurse in me is coming out- I apologize ahead of time, and I am sure that Dr. O has gone over all of this with you hundreds of times- but well here is said you have a headache and you are achy- any blurred vision or nausea or excessive swelling anywhere along with this headache? If you do have any of these things just Dr. O's office a call and let them know okay- better safe and a little paranoid on my part- okay, nurse Sara will go away for a while now- but she is keeping an eye on you :) Keeping you in my thoughts- sending you lots of love- put your feet up and try to get some rest- you are almost there- can't believe that this time a year and a half ago you me and Jenny were still temping and timing and all of that- look how far you've you come- so much has happened, and I am so happy to have had you 'by my side' all along the way! Take Care- hang in there- I am proud to call you my friend- hope you feel better soon!