Friday, February 22, 2008

AAHHHH!!! I hate employers!!! Just when I thought everything was worked out, they have do something dumb! I got a call a little while ago from my pay roll department. What I originally thought would happen was I would use all my fully paid sick leave, then it would go into half sick leave. Well, since they don't want to over pay me, they just calculate when my full sick leave would end and calculate all the hours and how much I should get paid and then split it into my last 5 pay checks. So, I will be getting paid a LOT less starting, oh next week. And disability hasn't kicked in because I lagged, and then pay roll lagged at getting that paperwork in. And I just called them and they were surprised my employer was doing it that way, and they didn't have that paperwork yet, so they couldn't really say how it would work for me yet. I so don't need this right now!!!

Now that I think about it, I think pay roll may have calculated my sick leave wrong anyway, I will have to double check. It's just stressful thinking that you will have plenty for bills until May or so, and then boom! No, I find out I will have to struggle from now until June! I just hope everything works out ok. I think it will, but I hate having to really worry about money - especially right now.

Thanks for all the comments! :) I called the SDPD today, and of course I had to leave a message and they have not called back. I may call the CHP again because I know I can schedule an appointment - I just think the person who answered was clueless.

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Fertilize Me said...

i hear ya - i hate dealing with all these hassle. It's so frustrating