Monday, February 18, 2008

I had a more detailed u/s done today. The other doctor ordered it while my doctor was out of town. I was looking forward to it because it is a better machine than they have in their office. Well, the tech didn't even turn the screen toward me! I could sort of see it, but not really well. I should have said something, but I didn't. It was also not comfortable!! I was laying on my back, and of course this u/s took longer than others I've had. Well, part way through I started getting light headed and my heart was pounding. So she had me roll over to one side. Rolling over is not easy and not comfortable at all! Then to get the other one, I had to roll to the other side. So then I couldn't even see the screen at all. I then had to lie on my back again because she couldn't get some shots. Right at the end I again started getting light headed. She then had to do a T/V u/s because she couldn't see my cervix on the abdominal u/s. That was fine, but she didn't tell me about my cervix. And I totally forgot to ask because I was still all light headed and just not feeling well. She did tell me the weights:
Sofia: 4lbs. 9 oz.
Maya: 4 lbs. 7 oz.

And told me what they were measuring over all - but I didn't find out any specifics. I know, I should have asked. It was just frustrating that I couldn't see anything and she didn't explain anything. Maybe I've just been spoiled by good techs and good doctors.

Thursday I see my OB so I will ask him!

We are pretty much all set for the girls to come! We bought some last minute little things last night, and hubby just has to install the car seats. Unfortunately, I somehow LOST my car manual! But, our neighbors have the same car as me (same color even!) so we will ask them. I wanted to get it done today, but that didn't happen. Hopefully by the weekend it will be done and we can go get it checked.

I'm getting anxious to meet them, but scared to death of labor and delivery!! That actually scares me more than bringing them home!

edited to add: Interesting! I couldn't post this at first, and then I saw I had spelled out T/V, so I changed it to just the letters and it posted. Wow. So blogger considers that a bad word? Amazing.


Fertilize Me said...

sorryyour scan was less than stellar for you but glad the babies are well.

t/v a bad word... hahah that is comical

Natalie said...

Oohhh, yeah, you're getting all dirty on us now, talking about the dildo cam.... SNORT!!! That's funny.