Sunday, February 24, 2008

Another night in Triage

I am so annoyed! So last night I was having contractions that started at 10 min. apart, and then went to 5 min apart for an hour!!!! So, I really thought this was it. We went in, and of course it was 4:30 in the morning so the night nurses were on. Never again am I going in the middle of the night.
I get hooked up to the monitors, and I was still contracting. Then, the nurse wanted to do the FFN test, and I said no - my Dr. wasn't going to stop labor, and if I am in labor you need to call him. Well, they didn't have anything in my records saying to call him. Then, she paged the on call Dr. to see if he wanted to do the FFN. I hear her on the phone say I'm 33 and 5 days!! NO, I am 34 and 3 days! I also hear something about a decel in one of the girls! She came back in and mentioned it, so of course I was nervous but I also felt like it was the monitors. The girls always move away from them or kick them and they can never get a good reading. I also told her I was 34 and 3 - oh I had previously told her my DUE DATE. So she showed me a piece of paper that said my due date was 4/7 and it was from an u/s in Sept. Um, ok, but I KNOW my real due date, especially since I did IUI plus I've been having growth scans!

So anyway, the stupid on call doctor basically wanted to pass me off to the next Dr. since it was 6 am and they switch at 7 am. So that's what they did. Shift changed, I am still waiting. Finally at 7:30 Hubby goes out and asks if I'm going to be released, and at this point I haven't been having any regular contractions. Dr. wouldn't call them back, so they call again, nurses change and finally Dr. calls back and I can go
They were treating it basically like preterm labor (which is understandable, but I do have twins) and the on call Dr. wanted me to get a follow up appt. w/ my doc.

So I will be calling my doc to tell him to fax over the note that says call him and to also fax something that says my REAL due date!!! And I am NEVER going back in the middle of the night.


Fertilize Me said...

what a headache!


Heather- I am so sorry that this is turning into such a nightmare for you- are you sure that you aren't in Idaho- or that I am not in Cali? When I was in the ED on Tuesday last week for my possible blood clots in my leg and lungs I was there for almost 7 hours before I finally saw a doctor who basically just gave me pain meds and sent me home- why, because the original doc forgot that I was there and decided to go home without seeing me- sounds like you have the same doctors- this is getting frightening! Lessons we have both learned- don't go in close to shift change or in the middle of the night- why? We both seem to get crappy care- maybe we should move closer to one another to keep an eye on the doctors and nurses to make sure they are doing their jobs that we both know that they should be doing- that seem to have forgotten about. Ok, I am done venting- I know that when your doc is there by your side the day Maya and Sophia decide to entire this world everything will go fine- he will snap them all into shape- I just have this feeling that he does that :) Hang in there- I will be keeping you all in my thoughts- sending you lots of love and peaceful thoughts- take deep breaths, close your eyes and think nice quiet peaceful thoughts........