Friday, October 03, 2008


I am a member of an email listserv, and have been for many years. This listserv focuses on teaching literacy in the workshop style. It hasn't been very active lately, but somebody posted a question, wanted some ideas, so I gladly gave some ideas. Nobody else had responded to this question either. Well, then somebody replies asking if it is ok that people (me) have a political signature. Here are the exact words:

I was wondering if this group has any parameters about political commentary? On other lists I participate in there are guidelines about espousing political issues, I think that is to ensure we don't alienate some members.
Just wondering,"

I have "Yes We Can! Obama/Biden 08" in my signature. I'm not taking it out. I will be interested to see what the responses are. It just makes me mad because you can choose to ignore it. I do not tell everyone to vote a certain way or anything like that. My posts are very constructive, and, as I said before, I have been a member of this list for many years. It just made me so mad. This is a list of educators- people who generally like freedom of speech, good debates, etc.


Rebecca said...

What a lot of educators don't realize is that it takes discussion, debate, and differing opinions to actually expand someone's way of thinking. So many people are afraid of making someone else mad or hurting feelings that they just don't do it. I'm proud of you for keeping it and you should encourage debate...even if it's (gasp) heated! ;)

Natalie said...

I'm nervous frequently about where I put things like that... for that reason.

Heather said...

Rebecca, you got it exactly! That's why I do like debates. I loved the persuasive unit when I was in the classroom. Students never knew which side I was on because I am able to critically question both sides and challenge their thinking. That was the best part. I would be having a lot of fun with students this year if I was in the classroom.

Nobody else has mentioned that post. So I thought that was interesting.