Monday, June 30, 2008

Maya has started to belly laugh! It is so cute. She's also a little stinker though. When I pick her up to soothe her to go to sleep, I think she knows and she will start smiling and laughing at me so I forget about her sleeping and want to play with her!

Sofia is also doing well- smiling and cooing! I can't believe they are almost 4 months. It sure does go by fast!

I joined the twins group in my area, and that has been great. We also have a playgroup for twins born in 2008. There are a couple that are 3 months and the rest are 5+ months. But it is nice to get out and talk to other twin moms.

I spoke to my boss and she is fine with me having to leave by 3:30 every day. But, my job is changing a little. Instead of being stationed at 1 middle school, I will work with 2 other people and we will do professional development at all the middle schools we work with. So my hours really depend on where we are doing the professional development. And I would imagine when we are just planning the hours are pretty flexible. Most likely I will usually work 8-3 but I could do 7:30-2:30. So I'm happy about that.


Well, I just saw a comment on my last post. So I'm guessing that a family member HAS found me. Now I'm just wondering why they were searching anyway? And what search terms they used? Well, I may just continue to write whatever. Now everyone knows that this is my "private" blog- not really private, but wanted to be hidden from friends/family, so if they read something they don't like, too bad. They don't have to read it, right? Not that I've been posting anything too personal lately anyway. I'm mostly focused on the girls!

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Anonymous said...

I would love to have your hours. You are also lucky to have a twins group in your area. I haven't heard of anything like that around my area. I know there are quite a few twins born around the same time as my twins though. Sorry a family member has found your blog. It's nice to not have to second guess anything you want to write. I have wordpress so that if I ever feel the need to write something private I can make that particular post private (people would have to sign in to read it).