Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Politics/Current Events

Time out now for a quick politics and current event rant.

I was watching Good Morning America today and they had the guy from Texas on who shot and killed two burglars who were breaking into his neighbors house. They played the 911 tape, and it really sounded like he wanted to go out there and be a vigilante. They talked to the guy, and of course he is now trying to come off like a nice guy. He said he was scared, that's why he sounded like that. Yeah, I don't think so. Also, the autopsy report said that the 2 men were shot in the back. The man said, "That's not totally true." Umm, what?!? He said one of the men rushed him and then turned at last minute and was shot in the side. I don't think so.And in the 911 tape he said "don't move a muscle or I'll shoot" Doesn't sound like something someone would say if he was being rushed. And the guys weren't even armed.

Also on Good Morning America, they had John McCain. I am no fan of McCain. He was in Colombia because yes, visiting there and Mexico is oh so important right now when we have economic troubles here. Before they could even ask him why he was there, he started his little spiel on why he was there. He said he was there because there are still drugs coming into America. So please tell me, what is meeting with the leaders of these countries going to do? He went on to say that the price of cocaine has gone up- which is good because less people will buy it. Um, ok, but only wealthy people who can afford it do coke. Many drug addicts do crack and METH- which is made right here in the good 'ole States!

The reporter than asked him about the Free Trade agreement and how people are worried about losing more jobs. So instead of answering the question he went on to talk about how we need to solve the energy problem, and off shore drilling, etc. Nice.

I just really can't stand him, and honestly, he is starting to scare me almost as much as Bush!

Ok, back to our regularly scheduled programming :)


Natalie said...

Ugh. I hate politicians. Always on some platform instead of actually looking to solve a problem in a helpful way.

And that guy from Texas... how aweful! You'd think if what he did was so great he wouldn't be lying about it.

Anonymous said...

I hate politics too! They need to spend more time figuring out what we are going to do about gas prices. I had a dream it was $9.09 a gallon! I hope it stays a dream!