Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I think I posted about how last week Sofia learned to roll from back to tummy. And then she gets stuck. Well, this week Maya learned how! She has been trying for a couple days and last night I put her down- swaddled- in the co-sleeper for bed. A few minutes later I hear her crying, I go in and she is face down! So, no more swaddling anyone's arms!

Today I decided to start getting them both to nap in their own cribs. I wanted them to share a crib, but Maya is just way too squirmy. So I tried it at their first afternoon nap. Had a little trouble at first, but I would just stay and rub their tummies. They first napped for 30 min. then I had to go back in and soothe. Then, they slept for 2 hours! I just put them down for their second nap, and it was even easier this time! I hope this continues.




Brian, Melissa and Nathan said...

Oh my god those pictures are precious. They look totally bonded already.

Anonymous said...

Those girls are SO cute!!! Thanks for sharing!