Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well, we had a good day or two of naps and now... not so good! Yesterday I thought it was because we went out and they didn't get a good afternoon nap. But today they haven't been napping at all really. Sofia got about 30 minutes at noon today. She would start to fall asleep in my arms, but every time I put her down, she would start screaming. So now I'm thinking growth spurt and learning a new skill. Because today she actually rolled all the way over from back to tummy! I was very proud of her, but every time she did this she would cry. She has rolled from tummy to back, but I guess she forgot she could do that!

We went to the store today and I had a very scary experience. I was getting Sofia out of the passenger side, my door on the driver's side was over and the diaper bag was on the seat. This homeless lady comes up to me and asks for money. I say sorry, don't have any. Then she starts saying, "You've done something very bad" and repeats that a couple times and then tells me I left my wallet out and I shouldn't do that in this neighborhood. She goes on to say she's not homeless, and expecting a check, but I need to be careful. This totally freaks me out, and she is now next to me. I give her a hard look and say "Ok" and wave my hand. Of course, she doesn't leave. I was afraid to tell her directly to leave because I didn't know how she would react. I start to get Sofia out because I just want to get out of there. Then she is commenting on Sofia. I made sure she didn't get too close. Then she sees I have twins and is being nice and trying to talk to me. I'm just trying to get out of there! And finally I do. I stayed in the store a little longer because I did not want to see her again. Scary! I would have told her to leave, but after the way she told me "I did a bad thing" I just couldn't chance it!

Thankfully, after that I only got GOOD comments in the store. One man- who looked all mean because he had tattoos and a long shaggy beard (not that tatts are scary- mu hubby is covered in them) talked to me, asked if they were my first, and then said "Wow! Your first and you got two!" And he said it like he really thought I was lucky (which I am!). So that was very nice! Then, I was carrying the girls to my condo and my neighbor came out, saw mw, and told me I was amazing and should be on the cover of Time magazine! So that was also very nice to hear. And you know, I really haven't gotten too many annoying comments. So I hope it stays that way.

On a more depressing note, I bought some shorts today. I knew I was going to be a larger size. So I grab a size, try them on and they were a bit snug around the hips/thigh area. Around the waist? Loose. So I go up a size and they fit around the hips/thigh. Now, I was depressed because at one point I weighed almost as much as I dp now but I still wore 3 sizes smaller!! So my pelvis must have really spread out, because it is a pretty big size, even though Target does run small in this brand. Depressing, but I'm trying not to let it get to me. Soon I can work out again, and I am losing weight. Just slowly.

The girls are 4 months tomorrow! 4 months! I can't believe it! They are "talking" a lot, smiling, and laughing. It is really cute!


Anonymous said...

Happy 4 months!!

Ash, Cat, Kyan & Nakia said...

H, I would have been scared too with that woman especially with the babies in tow. Good for you for staying in the store a lil bit longer!

On a side note, I think you're doing such a fabulous job! M & S are so blessed to have you as their mommy! Keep up the great work!