Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's been a rough few days! I was wondering if they were hitting a growth spurt, I counted the weeks and they will be 19 weeks on Monday, which is a big growth spurt. They also have learned how to roll from back to tummy, so I know that is also disrupting things.

We had a few good days of naps- I was even getting them to sleep in their cribs for naps. Then, it all went to h! I would love for any twin moms out there who do attachment parenting, or lean toward attachment parenting to respond! I was talking to a lot of twin moms and all of them do some form of CIO (cry it out). I simply cannot do that. Mayvbe after they are a year old, but I just think they are too young. I can't even do it for 5 minutes. It just doesn't feel right to me. I've been told to get them to nap in their cribs to put them down, pat their tummies to calm them then leave. Let them cry for a few min. then go in and pat their tummies again. I have done that, but when they start crying a lot, I have to pick them up and soothe them. And now, with how they've been sleeping- or not sleeping- I just want them to get some sleep. To me, that is more important than getting them in their cribs.

Here is how today went. My mornings are actually really great. Today they slept till 7 am. So before that I showered and ate breakfast. I fed them and then we went for a walk. When we got back, they slept for a bit. One in the bouncy, one in the swing. They woke, I fed them. They were still pretty tired, but stayed awake-actually they may have slept a bit. At 1:30 hubby left and the girls started crying. I fed them early at 2 pm and then we did some tummy time. For nap time, they were being fussy so I brought them into the bedroom, put Sofia in the co-sleeper, where she fell asleep and laid down with Maya and we slept for 30 min. Then Sofia woke, crying. So I put Maya in the co-sleeper and held Sofia. We slept again for about 30 min. Then I tried putting Sofia in the co-sleeper and it worked! They slept for about 30 more min and then woke up, fussy. At almost 5 pm I fed them, then bathed them. I then rocked Sofia to sleep and put her in the co-sleeper. Maya was crying. She has been more difficult to get to sleep lately! I held her and she fell asleep, but if I try to put her down, she wakes. So I then kept her by me while I ate dinner, then I laid down with her in the bedroom and we both fell asleep. I woke at 9:30 and was able to put her down in the co-sleeper. And now, of course I can't sleep!

Thankfully, I talked to hubby this morning and he saw how exhausted I am and asked if I wanted him to stay home tomorrow instead of working and of course I said yes! So maybe I will get a bit of a breather this weekend.

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