Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Do you ever feel like you keep going and going and you just can't keep up? That's how I feel. There is a never ending stream of things to do. Just when I think I am catching up, more stuff piles up. Having twins and a full time job, and Hubby having a full time job, is very stressful. If you are pregnant with twins, do everything you can to either stay home or work part time. Although, I think if we worked the same schedule it would be a lot easier. As it is now, it is like we are each single parents. We only really see each other on Sundays. But our Sundays are filled with things we have to get done. It's exhausting!

The girls are doing great! This is such a fun stage! They interact with each other a lot, including grabbing onto each others onesies and pulling each other down from standing. Ahh, they love each other.

I have started planning their First Birthday party!!! Can you believe they are going to be ONE?!? I can't. People always said it flies by, but I didn't realize how fast it would go!

And now, some pictures!

And this is what happens if you don't take the pictures fast enough


Mrs. Piggy said...

Hehehe, cute pictures! They are so OLD!

I am with you on the constant running and never relaxing, there's always something to do. I yearn to work part time and have a LITTLE extra time to clean stuff up, etc.....I feel like I am CONSTANTLY on the go, never time to relax...even though they go to bd at 7, I still feel the pressure to be in bed by 9 just to have enough energy for the next day...

We made it through the first 6 months which are the worst. Now they are lots of fun...and yours are mobile...mine arent yet....ahh dread!!

Hilary said...

Precious....They are getting so BIG!!!! :)

Novel said...

Mrs H, they are adorable. Sorry you feel so pressured. I got that feeling and I had my three one at a time. Heaven knows how you cope with two at a time. It did get better for me as they got older. Is there any way you can make any changes in your life? CAN you reduce your working hours or adapt your routine or get any help in for housekeeping or ironing or something? Your health and sanity are so precious...and so are your beautiful babies and your relationship.
(((((((((Mr and Mrs H and girls)))))))

Anonymous said...

Look at how big they are getting! They are adorable. I am sure the birthday party will go well, I planned it ofr months and truly enjoyed the way my girls bday party turned out.

Being a full time parent while working full time is never an easy task. You always feel like you are shortchanging someone.