Friday, August 05, 2011

Paci Fairy, bedtime, etc.

Tonight the Paci Fairy is coming! What happens is she comes during the night and takes the pacifiers and gives them to the babies who need them. She leaves a nice toy in its place though! I'm not too worried about Sofia, she'll be ok. Maya is the one I'm most worried about. In the past 2 weeks she has gotten even MORE attached to the paci. I got them each a LaLaLoopsy doll, so I'm hoping that will help, but I have a feeling the next few nights will be horrendous.

I am STILL laying on their floor with them. Not sure when this will change. I'm flattered, really, that they want me around all the time. I know that will change eventually, but I do need to get stuff done!

Potty Training! It is going well. They go pee on the potty all the time now. Maya wakes up dry in the morning and after naps (WHEN they nap, which is an entirely different post!). But they won't poop on the potty! M went in her undies yesterday. Other times, she will ask for a pull up. S just waits for her pull up at night and then poops. I'm going to try bribery. I got a few Hot Wheels cars from the store ($1 each!) and I will show them to the girls and let them know they will get one every time they poop on the potty. I'm hoping it works, but knowing my girls... it might not.