Saturday, September 16, 2006

This sucks

I really thought I was pregnant this month. So did everyone else. My chart looked SO good! I had many temps above 98, I was even feeling nauseous. Now, I don't know WHY I was feeling nauseous since I am not pregnant. I took a test this morning (a First Response, Early Response) and it was clearly negative. I'm at 15 dpo and my temperature has started to drop. I guess I shouldn't be too upset because this is only my second cycle that I've actually hd a chance of conceiving, but I started TTC a year ago. I've cried a bunch this morning. It was really difficult because I was convinced that this was the month. Now, I will have to get the HSG which is fine, since I need to see if my tubes are blocked, but I am scared that it will hurt. Some people say it hurts, others say it doesn't. I just don't like getting procedures done. Hubby said he'd go with me though, so that was nice. I will probably just take a whole day off work. That is easier for me becuase I am a teacher.

So, I will have the HSG and one more round of Clomid. Then it will be on to IUI. I think my doctor will probably have me sit out a cycle because I'm sure my uterine lining will be thin after the next round of clomid, but we will see what he says. At least with IUI I know the spermies are getting up there!

But it's hard. I'm super depressed right now, but I have a ton of work and homework to do. Have I mentioned that on top of teaching I'm also back in school to get another credential?

I did get a Venti Iced Chai latte to cheer myself up with. Didn't help too much though.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
I just came across your blog from another one and I am so right in your spot right now, I could have written your last post myself! AF arrived for me today after a very promising cycle and great LP temps, and now that AF has arrived I have to call my OB to schedule my HSG for next week and I'm scared too! It seems one person will say it is no big deal and another will say it was excruciating so... hard to say. I'm definitely going to take a few advil beforehand - that's supposed to help. And MANY women I know have had it done and gotten pregnant within a few cycles too, so I hope you get your BFP soon and me too!

Lcole said...

Hey I clicked on your blog link from BI/NI.You will get pregnant. I know this sucks ,I have 2 friends going through the same thing. My step brother in law and his wife have been married 19 years and had been trying for years. They just thought "gods will it will happen" uh, need to see a doctor. Anyway she had 3 procedures and is now due in December at 39 years old. They are having a girl.

You are young! Plenty of time to sort this out and get PG. it is gonna happen, no worries.