Thursday, February 08, 2007

AARRRRGGGHHHH Insurance!!!!!!

I am SO frustrated right now!! My insurance is saying the RE is not covered. So I go through all the trouble of getting a referral, making sure I am covered, go to the RE and then I get a bill from the RE. So then I called the insurance company and they told me I AM covered. So I called the hmo and they called my insurance while I was on the line and told the hmo I do NOT have coverage. So now, I had to contact a third party administrator. UGH, so frustrating! I know I am covered. If they changed the policy, they never informed me of taking out fertility coverage, so I don't think they can do that. I'm just scared I will have to pay it. For 2 visits, it is $2000. How the hell am I then supposed to afford more visits with more ultrasounds and injects?? I really hate this. I should have known this would happen.

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