Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I haven't stopped blogging!

No, I haven't stopped blogging! I've just been super busy!

I do have exciting news: I think I ovulated on my own! I've been on the metformin now for a little over a month. I had a ton of EWCM this cycle and I started spotting today! So, if I get af, I know I ovulated! I never get af unless I do ovulate, so I think it is safe to say that. If I did ovulate, I'm temping next cycle. I still need to decide if I'll move on to injects. I think I may just try it natural for another month if I in fact did O.

I feel sort of bad. A year ago, my best friend accidentally got pregnant. She had just started fating her current boyfriend, and, get this, he was wearing a condom!!! She has a history of getting pregnant like this. She has 2 kids, both conceived on BCPs. She is very fertile. Anyway, she ended up having an abortion because she could not have another kid right now. She is still with her boyfriend and would love to marry him and have more kids. But today she told me how she was paranoid that having an abortion messed up her fertility somehow. She told me how the nurse practitioner said she was fine (yeah, like you can tell ANYTHING about fertility from a pelvic exam, give me a break!), and she was relieved and just worried. Well, I had a flash of wanting her to have some difficulty getting pregnant next time she wants to. Of course, I felt really bad after, but it was there. I think I would just like her to know how it feels. She actually knows 2 other women besides me who have had to go to REs and get fertility treatments. She has become a bit more sensitive (she used to not be sensitive at ALL), but she still has no clue what it actually feels like.

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