Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thanks everyone :) At least I'm not alone! S. could be cranky from teething. Her last 1 year molar is breaking through- ugh. Tonight was an experience! They were totally cranky ALL DAY. So I put them down, and of course there was screaming. But then I heard M. really screaming- which normally doesn't happen. So I go in their room, and what do I find? S. has M's paci!! I give it back to M., give them, kisses, say goodnight, and leave. More screaming. More M. screaming. Great. Go back in. S, once again has M's paci. So I separate them. M. went right to sleep and S. screamed for about 10-15 min. I really need to get to bed in case she thinks it would be a good idea to wake up.

Good ideas about posting an ad at the colleges. I will try that as well. I'm just so nervous I think about anyone I don't know coming into our house to care for them. But that would be so much easier than having to take them to day care early in the mornings.

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Rebecca said...

Ha! We call that the binky Olympics! Good luck with the search!