Friday, January 01, 2010

This stage is so hilarious. The girls are talking more, know what they want- and don't want, are trying new things, and it makes for some very funny incidents!

Today, the girls were playing in the play room and I was on the computer. I hear S say, "puke, puke" and I wasn't really sure if she was actually saying puke- I'd never heard her say that before. Then I see her get her doll's clothes and she starts wiping the floor. I think, "Hmm, that's funny, is she pretending?" Then she turns around and I see puke on her leggings! Too funny that she knew what happened and she was trying to clean it up! Love it!

M has been obsessed with sitting on the potty. She says, and signs potty and tries to pull off her pants and diaper to sit on it. Of course, she never does anything on the potty, she just likes sitting on it. Well, the other day she was doing this, but she was pulling her shirt up. Finally, I decided to take off her shirt since she was trying so hard to get it off. I was occupied for a couple minutes then I look over and see M, naked, sitting on the potty! I think it took her about 30 seconds to get her pants and diaper off.

Every stage comes with new challenges, and there are plenty of challenges during toddlerhood, but I am loving it. So far, the toddler stage is my favorite.


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Kids are the best, aren't they? Always something new and cute with them. I guess it's almost time for me to get a potty, isn't it?

Rebecca said...

That is so funny! I dread the day they can undress kids will be nudists as soon as they can!