Monday, April 18, 2011

Turbulent Threes

For awhile I've heard my friends with slightly older kids telling me that the threes are so much worse than twos! I admit, I was a little scared. And for good reason.

The threes are like dealing with someone (or in my case two people) who is bipolar and switches between extreme happiness and extreme angriness and/sadness all in the space of 2 minutes. I kid you not. There have been a few days when one of the girls would be super happy, and then super angry. Or sad. Or even both at the same time! It's craziness. You never know what might set them off.

While the twos had some tantrums, threes are more intense. They have an even better sense of self and want to assert their independence every chance they get. Sometimes this is welcoming. Sometimes it is not. When you just want to do something quickly, yet they want to put on their own socks, it can get frustrating. In cases like this, I do remind myself that a few extra minutes will not kill me. Other times, the asserting independence is in the form of refusing to do something- very frustrating! I have learned to let a lot of things go. M definitely likes to do her own thing and make sure I know that she is calling the shots. She has long hair, no bangs, so it gets in her face all the time. Most of the time, she will not let me put a clippy in her hair. Or a headband, or anything. On days like these, I breathe, and let it go.

Threes are also a lot of fun! They are saying lots of cute and unexpected things. This morning, the first thing they sad to me was, "Can we go back to the party?" Last night we went to our friend's daughter's sweet sixteen party, and the girls had a blast dancing the night away! They did not want to leave. I was a bit surprised though that they still wanted to go back in the morning! I then asked them what they wanted for breakfast, and S replied, "A cheese sandwich"

Hmmm. They have only ever had grilled cheese. But S was specific. "No butter. Just cheese and bread, mommy!" Well...ok. I asked Maya if she wanted the same, and she did. I was still skeptical but I prepared their sandwich, and they ate it all!

Be prepared for The Threes. Lots of frustration, but lots of fun too.

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Amanda said...

Ha ha, my husband has said from time to time, "I swear she's bipolar!" LOL Threes are stubborn and independent, but I agree, fun too.