Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My Story

I decided to start this blog to document my journey with trying to conceive. Also because I'm a teacher and have the summer off and need something to occupy my time with so I don't obsess too much over TTC. I've started blogs in the past, but never stayed up with them. I'm not sure why as I love to write. I will try my best to keep this one updated!

My journey starts in September 2005. My new husband and I decided to go off of birth control pills to try to get pregnant! I thought it would be so easy. My mother became pregnant with my sister while she was on the pill! All the health classes in school made me think I would just have to have sex once and, bam! I would be knocked up! It's not that easy.

I asked my doctor (actually the nurse practitioner) during the summer of 2005 if I should go ahead and get off the pill. I had a feeling that being on the pill could mess your fertility. But she assured me I should go off about 3 months before I wanted to conceive. So I waited. September came along and I decided I would stop the pill. I had withdrawal bleeding, then two months later, I got my first period. I had found out about charting my temperatures, but had not started charting since it tells you not to start until you get your period. So I'm not sure if I actually ovulated right when I got off the pill.

After my first real period, I started charting. I found out I was not ovulating. Oh, it played games with me though! My temps would jump and the charting software would give me a coverline, only to be taken away a few days later! One especially rough time, it gave me a coverline for 18 days! I thought for sure I was pregnant. My nurse practitioner even said it looked like a pregnant chart! But the blood tests confirmed: I was not pregnant. The nurse practitioner gave me prometrium to bring on a period. She also told me she wouldn't refer me to an OB until it had been 1 year. I couldn't handle that. I should be ovulating! I couldn't believe she wasn't willing to help me start ovulating! So, I changed doctors.

I went to my primary care doctor and he immediately referred me to an OB! I was overjoyed! Two months later, I went to the appointment with my husband. The OB started me on provera to bring on my period, and then 50 mg. of clomid! I was so excited! At least, perhaps I'd have a real chance of getting pregnant! But I found out that it's not that easy.

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