Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Ho hum

I'm learning more about blogging! I didn't realize you had to set the comments to allow anyone to post comments! Thanks, Joie, for letting me know! Now anyone can post comments.

I'm still waiting to ovulate. I had some cramps today for about an hour and pain on my right ovary side. I did not have cramps last time, so I'm hoping that is a good sign. This is all one big waiting game. And I am NOT good at waiting. You wait to ovulate, then if you ovulate, you wait until you can test or for your period. After that, you wait again to ovulate! And for women like me, who aren't ovulating, it is one big waiting game. Even after you think you might have ovulated, you don't know. SO many times I thought I ovulated, when I didn't. You get your hopes up, and then your temps are low and no more cover lines on your chart. Talk about a let down! I've been waiting 10 long months just to ovulate. I'm going to be really angry at my body if it doesn't ovulate this time. The mood swings, especially this month, were awful. Since I had to put up with it, I had better ovulate!

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