Friday, August 04, 2006

Maybe I O'd!

There is a chance, I may have ovulated! I have two high tempertures, so if the temps stay up then that means I ovulated! I really hope I did.

I'm running out of things to do on my long summer vacation! I keep reminding myself that next month I will be wishing again for the relaxation of summer! I'm not sure why it can't be a balance. When I'm in school I am super busy and stressed. Out of school, there is nothing to do after awhile. I would love a job (education related of course) that isn't too stressful during the year, that I totally love, and then have something to do in the summer as well. But that is why I am back in school to get my Reading Specialist Credential.Then I can hopefully find a job at a school where I work with teachers and coach them and also work with small groups of students. Oh, that would be wonderful!

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