Monday, August 21, 2006


I had my appointment today with my new OB. I like him SO much better! He actually looked at my charts, though he said I didn't have to do the temperature thing. Of course, I still will take my temperature otherwise the not knowing would kill me! Then he ordered blood tests to check all my levels. He also ordered a sperm analysis for my hubby, and I am glad since my hubby works around hazardous materials, that makes me nervous. The doc said to continue on this cycle, and do one more of 100 mg clomid and if I'm still not pregnant, we will discuss IUI! I am just so happy I have finally found a more proactive doctor! Took long enough!

Hubby upset me a bit with his reaction to the SA (sperm analysis). At first he was fine, then I told him exactly when he needed it done. Well, he wasn't happy because he has other stuff going on during this time. Well, too bad! What is up with guys? We women go through so much and guys will have a fit when they are the tiniest bit inconvenienced! I will say he wasn't too bad, but still, it upset me. I thought he should just be like, "Sure honey! Whenever!" But no. And he doesn't get that even asking me if we can do it later hurts. I've been waiting for a YEAR to have kids! I finally get the test and you want to wait?? I don't think so! It's just annoying.

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