Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Had my ultrasound today. Bad news - cysts! I don't know how many I had, but I think it was more than 2! However, I did find out from the wonderful ladies at Lounge Place, that you get a cyst when the follie doesn't ovulate. So, that really makes me feel better. It was awful to think I had 9 eggs, 59 million sperm and nothing.

So, I'm taking this month off. I'm currently on "pelvic rest" which means no sex, and - even worse - no tampons!! I really hope af stops SOON. I do not like pads. I am going back in 1 week to see how the cysts are doing and so I can hopefully get off pelvic rest. My RE said I could still ovulate this cycle, so we may still have a chance - if I ovulate on my own. I have ovulated the first 2 months of metformin, so it is a possibility!


JPSULLY said...

OMG I am SO MAD! Every IUI I had, I had cysts and I asked if I had even O'd and the RE said "absolutely" I now wonder if I didn't blow $600 for NOTHING!

I am so glad I read your blog because I nEVER would have known otherwise!

Sara said...

Heather- I am so sorry- this sucks ass!!!! I am hoping that the cysts aren't too painful right now...those are the same kind that I have had in the past- they required surgery because of their size- but at least you know that they were due to not ovulating- and not because of something else- I don't know if that really made sense or not. Wishing you luck in the future. Hang in there- and hopefully people will stop asking inappropriate questions- I got that recently too- I hate how awkward it makes the situation when you have to correct them with- "I don't have any children" Oh well, one of these days it WILL be our turn- I know it will be. Take Care!