Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I'm a little nervous! I went in for the IUI, and the RE did an ultrasound. It looks like I have 9 follies that will ovulate! 9! She said she was a little nervous, but went ahead with the IUI. She also told me that in 17 years of doing this, she has only had 1 set of quints and 1 set of quads. So, that is better than if she had a LOT. She also said she would be surprised if I DIDN'T get pregnant this cycle. She also banned us from having sex. But, as soon as I saw 9 I thought to myself, "No way we are having sex!" Especially when his post wash was 59 million.

I just keep worrying, and I shouldn't. I SHOULD trust her. She is the professional. It doesn't help that everywhere online I look, other doctors cancel at 6. Which I do think is really conservative. I just hope only 1 or 2 take.


Kim said...

WOW! You ended up with NINE?!? Whoo wheee, talk about multiple targets! :D I'm glad your IUI went well... now you just have to make it through the dreaded TWW!

JPSULLY said...

WOW...my max was 7 and I was so nervous!!! 9 would have shoved me over the edge!!!

Good luck!

Shellie aka Notamommayet said...

I wish I had nine follies during my IUI visits.

Like Kim said...mutiple targets. Lets hope one of them becomes the bullseye!

Lots of sticky vibes for you during the TWW.