Thursday, October 11, 2007

I had my follow up ultrasound today with the peri! But before I get to that, I have been up and around for 2 days no and NO spotting!!! So I'm off bed rest!

We asked the ultrasound tech if she could tell the gender, and she said she'd look, but it's not 100%. So, Baby A is a girl! Later the peri also looked and said he would bet money that Baby A is a girl!

Baby B the u/s tech said also looked like a girl! Now, when the peri looked, she wasn't cooperating, so he couldn't tell at all. So there is still a chance it might not be a girl, but I have a feeling it is! I'm a little bummed we don't have one of each, but that's ok. At least now I get to us my two favorite girl names!

Everything else looked ok. I didn't write about this before because of all the drama over my blog, but I will share it now. When I went in to the peri when I had spotting I had the NT scan done. Now, I thought it had been done *before* the reduction, but apparently not. I'm not happy about that. So because it was done after the reduction, we couldn't do the blood test part. So the results aren't all that accurate. Baby B came back with a fine ratio - nothing to worry about. Baby A has a risk of 1/248. So we are concerned. I won't do an amnio - I've had enough needles sticking in there, and I'm NOT going to have another reduction if it came back positive, so there is no point. In 3 weeks we will have another detailed ultrasound to look for soft markers. Today, they found NO soft markers, so I think that's a good sign. Also, we were talking to the peri about it (it was a different peri who did the measurements) and he did tell us that 2 of the measurements were normal, but one was higher, so they input the higher one to err on the side of caution. So I'm hoping that everything will be fine.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my OB, and the nurse practitioner already told me that he does NOT believe in the NT scan, so that was nice to hear. I love my OB and have confidence in him.

Some people asked if I would share the gender, and of course I did :) There is NO way I could NOT find out the gender because I am such a planner. I like to know and plan for things!

I hope the rest of my pregnancy goes smoothly.


Fertilize Me said...

excellent news.. and I am glad you are doing well (no spotting) good luck to you

Amanda said...

I am so glad that things are going so well! I can't wait to hear more and more about your girls! <3

pam said...

glad to hear everything is going well so far. and congrats on the girls!

singletracey said...

Great news!! I am glad all is well with you and the babies :-) Have a great weekend!

Yodasmistress said...

Two little girlies - so exciting!!!


Yeah no more bedrest!!!!! So exciting...and 2 little princesses....the little divas....Happy to hear that you are feeling okay- one of each would have been cool- but little girls have such great clothes and other things to shop for...anyway- enjoy your day- keeping you all in my thoughts as always- take care! Sara

:::delinda::: said...

It sounds like your OB is very knowledgeable; I hope your visit goes smoothly and he is able to provide you with comfort for any unsettling thoughts. Congrats on being off bedrest - now, you can start shopping for little girl stuff!

Mrs. Piggy said...

oh my god, congrats on the baby girl and most likely other baby girl!
id love to have two little girls...that sounds like fun :)
you sound like you are doing awesome!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am glad everything is looking good with Baby A & B. I just recently had S/R done & it is a heartbreaking decision that no one should ever judge. We don't struggle for years to get pg just to reduce for no good reason!

Anyway...I wanted to note that the NT scan's bloodwork is not accurate for more than 2 fetuses (as I was told by my peri). We did the NT scan but not the b/w since I was carrying more than 2.

I hope the rest of your pregnancy progresses with far less stress!

Karen said...

Don't worry about missing out on the blood test part of the NT scan... it isn't accurate with multiples anyway so I'm surprised that they even mentioned it as a possibility.

I'm glad to hear everything is going well and that you've got two girls to use up two beautiful girl names! (We've got two girls also... they're adorable!)