Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Isn't it sad I'm second guessing posting anything? When I started this blog I really thought nobody would read. Now it seems there are quite a few people who read! I just hope anyone who reads this will kindly take the negativity elsewhere. Not that I've had any lately, but it was bad enough in the recent past.

I can't believe I'm almost 16 weeks! I'm also starting to show. And I mean show so that strangers notice! However, I've noticed a few women look at my belly and I always think about how *I* felt when I saw a pregnant woman and I wasn't pregnant. Then I feel bad. I wish at times like those I could have a shirt or something that said I struggled with infertility.

I don't have any appointments until November 8th. 3 weeks from this Thursday! I've been so spoiled with all the ultrasounds. It's been nice because I like seeing them, knowing they are ok. So I think these next few weeks may be hard. I'm going to try my best not to freak out and worry. I'm also trying not to worry about my NT scan results.

This was my first week back to work. It's been good. Tiring, but good. However, I've been telling people that I'm having twins. Usually that is fine, but a teacher at my school had triplets a few years back. I knew this, but of course then he wanted to talk about it a little bit when he found out I was having twins. Then today, the counselor came up to me and let me know her mom was a triplet. Of course, that made me sad. I know the decision I made was the right one. But it still hurts. It's not like I'm over it. I know what I did was in the best interest of my babies' health, but I am still sad. I'm sure that is to be expected, but it is difficult.


pam said...

Something that helped me stay sane between those looooong stretches between u/s appointments (before i could feel them move) was renting a doppler, so I could listen to heartbeats. It might set your mind at ease. But then, I may just be neurotic. :P

Amanda said...

I am so sorry for your sadness. I can't imagine it, but I am so sorry.

Congrats on being at 16 weeks!!!! Yay!!!! Hooray!!!!

Good luck with your wait until your next scan. :-)

Fertilize Me said...

goodness, heather - You are an awesome blogger and a strong person from what i can tell - hang in there

Fertilize Me said...

goodness, heather - You are an awesome blogger and a strong person from what i can tell - hang in there

singletracey said...

I can imagine that the negative comments still hurt. I never understood why people have to leave mean comments.. if you don't agree... head on to the next blog and let the author be..

Anyway.. I am glad you are back to work and physically feeling well...as for feeling sad.. I think that would be normal.. you did the right thing for you (I would of done the same thing). Enjoy your week :-)

Yodasmistress said...

Congrats on getting off the bedrest and hope things go well for you at work!