Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I can't believe I haven't posted about the comments people make! Well, I will now!
I know that people don't mean any harm by saying these comments, but really, they get old and very annoying. First, so many people are just shocked when I tell them how far along I am. Even the ones who know I have twins, I tell them how many weeks I am and their jaws literally fall open. I had one woman ask me how many weeks I was and then she said, "You're gonna be HUGE!" Gee. Thanks. Really, I know I'm going to get big, I have TWINS, but no need to remind me. Doesn't help that at my work there is a girl who is about 32 or 33 weeks pregnant and she is SMALLER than I am! I know people carry different, but wow.

Then, there are the comments people love to give me when they find out I'm having twins. Probably the most common one is, "Oh you aren't going to have any free time once they arrive!" Oh gee, really?? I never thought about that once during the almost 2 years of trying to get pregnant or doing injects/IUI and having a much greater chance for twins.

And my principal. I know he means well but EVERY time I see him he makes a comment about how I'm eating for 3 or any comment that has to do with me carrying twins. At first, it was fine. But a month later??

I just remind myself that these people don't mean any harm, but it is annoying. Plus I get annoyed really quick these days, so you'd think people would think about that.

I do need to mention that today I got a really NICE comment. I was at Starbucks and the guy behind the counter asked me when I was due. I told him and prepared myself for his jaw hitting the ground. Nope! He just smiled. Then he asked if I knew the gender and I told him 2 girls, and again prepared myself for the comments. He was very sincere and told me congratulations and that 2 girls would be so fun! And that really made my day. No annoying comment! It was great!


Yodasmistress said...

People are stupid. Stupid comments about IF. Stupid comments about being pg. Stupid comments about having twins. Pleople are just stupid!

P.S. My Evil ExCoworker complained that whe she announced she was pg at 13 weeks pretty much EVERYONE she knew gave her the "your life is going to change" speech (and she was only carrying one). I think that people just have a need to *know* something and to "share" that "knowledge" - something between being helpful and smug. Just shrug it off!

Amanda said...

People always seem to have some comment or another. (and of course here's mine) My sister got quite large quite quickly with her second child (singleton) and received soooo many comments about her size. A whole lot of "Is it twins? No? Are you sure?" "You're only 6 months?" Poor thing was quite upset by it all. :-(

Thank God for Starbucks for more reasons than one, now! <3

singletracey said...

What a nice comment that was... maybe you have to deal with 10 ickie ones before you get one that makes your day. That doesnt seem fair though.

I think about stupid things I may have said before I wanted to have a baby... I apologize to each and every one of those women!! LOL

Anyhoo... Glad you and the girls are doing well!!!

Fertilize Me said...

i hope those people walk away thinking "open mouth insert foot"

The Dunn Family said...

People can be stupid. I was the opposite during my pregnancy. I had a hard time gaining weight, and everytime I told someone I was having twins they were like "wow, you are small, is everything ok?"

and I was like "WHAT???" I was constantly asking my doctor is I was too small. Now, mind you, I'm not a small person. Im 5'9 and I've never in my life been small. I am 30 lbs overweight and have been much heavier. So it was weird for me to have trouble gaining weight. But everyone scared me to death.

I genuinely think people are just stupid. haha. ok, that was a little mean, but come on, people need to think before they speak!

Someone once told me the best line to say when people say "Oh twins, you are really going to have your hands ful1" ... and to this I now say "Better full than empty".

Erin said...

Congrats on two girls! So fun. I know just what you mean about stupid comments. I keep getting the "Do they run in your family?" question. The other day I finally answered with "No, but they sure do down at my fertility clinic." I kinda felt bad after, but come on! The "your life is going to suck" type comments are the worst, though. I guess you need to just keep going to Starbucks!


People are stupid and love to state the obvious- I agree with 'fertilize me' hopefully some of them do walk away realizing that they were idiots. Oh, well, at least you ran into someone decent (I am sure, anyways I hope there are, please let there be more of them out there) that has a brain and a filter. Keeping you in my thoughts and sending you lots of love!