Thursday, November 29, 2007

Oh yes, I forgot! The best thing would be living near you, yodasmistress! :) Well, at least that would make 2 cool people I know who I would live near. My SIL is the other.

I think I'm getting bigger by the second. Ok, maybe not second, but by the day! My back hurts more frequently now, and I cannot even imagine how it's going to be in a couple of months! Very worth it though!

The babies seem more active too - or at least I can feel them more! Sometimes I can tell their movements apart. Sofia I can feel kick me on my left side. But sometimes I'm not sure if I'm feeling Maya or not because she on my right side, feet down. So her feet are on Sofia's head. So that is harder to tell unless it's a movement that's up pretty high. There was one time today when one was kicking me and I felt it right behind and a little below my belly button. That just felt WEIRD. But I do love feeling them move around!

I have been able to feel them a couple time on the outside, but pretty lightly. I'm sure it's easier for me to tell that's what I'm feeling since I can also feel it inside. I had DH put his hand on my belly and finally they kicked a little, but he couldn't feel it! He pouted and said, "No fair!" Of course I was thinking, it IS fair. I'm the one who had to go through the HSG and all the injects and dildo cam! So it is fair I get all the cool stuff!



I think that it is so cool that they are moving so much like this now...and yes you are right- it is fair, he will get his turn- later, right now it is your turn to enjoy your rewards for all your hard work that you went through. I know this is a few days late, but I think a nanny would be good- I was one for a little over a year for two boys and it was wonderful for everyone involved and much more affordable than daycare. Sending you lots of love and happy thoughts- take care! Sara

Yodasmistress said...

Big smile here!

Tell your DH: "No pain, no gain!" ;-)

singletracey said...

How exciting that they are moving so much!

Fertilize Me said...

Belly pics belly pics!!!