Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Paxil has really been doing wonders! I'm doing so much better. The first day I took it I felt better, but figured it was the placebo effect. It may have been, but it has definitely started working. I don't get as stressed out when the girls start crying. I can actually handle it now. And I'm feeling like I can enjoy them more now.

I went to a Moms of Twins Club meeting last night. It was pretty fun. I met two other women who have twins around the same age of my girls. They were amazed that my husband and I are doing this all on our own. But honestly, Im glad we don't have that much help. While it would be nice, I am now used to taking care of the girls and I know I can do it on my own. It would be hard to have really great help for a month or so and then none. Of course, if we could afford a nanny, I would probably take advantage of that at least on a part time basis! But we are managing just fine.

I did feel like everyone was staring at my belly though, and I thought that everyone was thinking I was pregnant. Who knows if that's what they were really thinking, but I am just very self conscious about belly. I'd much rather just have flab! I need to go buy some of those flowy empire tops so it can cover it better.

Hubby took the day off yesterday so I could go to the meeting. He was with the girls during their fussy time- first time he's been alone with them during their fussy time. Now, I was only gone for about 3 hours. I called him when I was on my way home and he didn't sound too good! He couldn't believe how hard they were, and even said that he has it easy at night when he does the middle of the night feeding. I am glad he got to see what it is really like! I think now he understands more about why I can't get cleaning or anything else done. He understood before, but now he has a better appreciation I think.

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Karen said...

I'm really glad the paxil is helping. And don't worry about the belly - it will get better with time. I can't remember, did the doctor give you exercises to help? I remember that there are some exercises that sometimes PTs give to help. It's not an uncommon problem with twins.