Sunday, January 11, 2009

I live in CA. I would love to lobby Congress, but yeah, I think I'd rather raise me girls ;)

Making progress on the unpacking! Kitchen is done (thanks Hubby!) and the girls room is almost completely done! Most of the boxes are unpacked. So nice.

The girls' room in the new house is much smaller than their old room. So, we had to put the cribs right next to each other, but now they are closer to each other, which is nice. So I put them in their cribs, hoping they would play, but expecting them to start crying for me. Well, they actually played nicely for a very long time! I think it helped being next to each other. It was very cute watching them "play" and "talk" together.

Sofia is trying soooooo hard to stand up! She desperately wants to, but can't get herself up past her knees yet. Did I mention she also started really crawling? About a week ago, all of a sudden, she started regular crawling!

I really can't believe in 1 week they will be 10 months. I know, I say this every month, but it goes by so fast. It really does.

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