Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We have TEETH!!!!!

I have been waiting, and waiting for the teeth to appear. I thought for sure around 6 or 7 months they were teething. I'm sure I blogged about it. Sofia was waking up screaming and only a cold paci would soothe her. And she was drooling SO much. Well, months later, and still no teeth! I was beginning to think they would never have teeth! Today I decided to feel their gums again, and I felt a sharp pointy thing in Sofia's mouth! Of course, I was so excited that I also had to try Maya's mouth. And this was really a feat. She does everything she can to NOT let my finger in her mouth. But I prevailed! Sure enough, Maya also had a sharp pointy thing! What is really interesting is that Sofia's tooth is on her bottom right hand side. Maya's tooth is on her bottom left hand side.


Rebecca said...

Hooray for sharp pointy things! A dentist friend of mine said that a child's teeth will fall out in the order that they were received. Cool, huh? Congrats!

Goodbaby said...

Congrats. Now, I'm also waiting for the teeth to appear. My 6-month-baby start to like mouthing, frequent and intense, does it the sign that the teeth start to appear?
I will put your link in my blog.
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Many thanks for your favorable reply.