Friday, June 19, 2009

HA! Of course now that I post that complaining post, I get an email from a school! I think some principals were just lagging. So I have a bunch of interview questions to respond to and submit. The good part is, I do much better with writing answers than interviewing in person and speaking about it! The downside is that there are 16 questions, and they do require pretty lengthy responses! I don't want to send them a book though!

Jen- it isn't about me costing more since I already have a job with the district. So, no matter where I go, I will cost the same. Now, they CAN screw up at the district office. They are the ones who put the lists together. A few years ago, they definitely screwed up. I was at a school that was "closing" and had to bid on jobs. I had GATE certification, but the district thought I didn't. So, they did not put my name on lists. Plus they always screw stuff up. I just hate it. But I am glad to know that I at least got on this list- and it is one of the schools that got ALL the names. Wish me luck!

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