Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I always have ideas for new blog posts- or even new blogs- and then I get home, get busy and totally forget! I need to at least sign in and start the blog entry when I think of it. I'm sure the ideas will come back to me though. I did have a thought to start an education blog. That is something I may just do. I have plenty to say about that topic! I am also likely going back to the classroom next year, so blogging about that would actually be useful for me. We'll see if I get around to creating it!

Today I went to schools I bid on jobs for and gave them my resume. I also found out that this year the principals are getting all the names on the lists. In the past, they have gotten the first 5 names, in order of seniority. So, that could often be a problem for newer teachers. Especially if you wanted a position at a school that was "desirable." I'm not sure that would have been a problem for me this year though. All of the schools I bid on are closer to where I live now. And all of those schools aren't in the particularly "desirable" areas. It just felt good to put my resume in. It also feels good to look at my resume and see everything I have accomplished. When you are living it, that's one thing, but to sit back for a minute, and really see what you've done- that's a nice feeling.

I feel like I'm starting a new chapter in my life. We live in a new area of town, the girls are toddlers (!!!), I am likely getting a new position, and most of the positions are at K-8 schools, which is a concept that intrigues me. I want to see how that works for students, and if it is any better than a traditional middle school.

I'm really looking forward to the summer. I can't wait to spend every day with the girls! We have tons of parks, the zoo, you name it, we have it! And they get so excited about everything. I love watching them! I can't wait to go to the zoo with them. I know they will absolutely love it.


Rebecca said...

I student taught at a K-8 school and I really liked it. Not only was it interesting to watch the younger kids look up to the older kids, but the older kids really felt the obligation to set a good example. I liked it a lot. Good luck landing a position...I hope you can get something that makes you happy!

Hilary said...

Enjoy your Summer!! Have a great week too!