Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is going to be a total complaining post, but I really need to vent.

I decided that I would bid on jobs, meaning I want to leave my current position of Literacy Coach. I know I've blogged a bit about it, but I just cannot stay with this program any more. It has gotten ridiculous. Plus, my commute is just way too far for my liking.

A lot of people retired from the district this year, so there were a lot of jobs posted. I bid on some elementary positions, some positions at K-8 schools- where the position was a 7th or 8th grade class, I bid on one literacy coach position too. So what happens is, you bid on jobs on the computer, HR gets lists together and sends them to principals. The way they did it this time was that magnet schools and schools that are really low performing got ALL the names. Higher performing schools first got names of teachers who had been excessed, and then would get names in order of seniority. I had already delivered my resume to schools so they could see my name and me resume before they got the list. Quite honestly, my resume is good. Damn good. I got NO calls. There is a small chance some of the schools have not started making calls, but most have. The more I think about how I have not gotten any calls, the more incredulous I get.

A couple of the schools I thought I had an excellent chance at because they are very low performing, and not in a "desirable" area. No calls. I don't get it. The other thing that is making me suspicious is that when you bid on a job, it sends you a confirmation email and also shows up on your web page. I got the emails, but only 1 application showed up on my web page. I called IT and they said I had applied for 13 positions (I really applied for 15), so I thought it was ok. Well, this past Tuesday I checked my web page and ALL the positions I bid on were up with an application date of Tuesday. So then I was worried that HR is just trying to cover their ass and say that I was on the lists. So I emailed someone in HR yesterday, who forwarded that email to someone. Did not hear anything today. If I do not hear anything by mid-day tomorrow, I'm going down there. I just want to know that my name did get put through.

Luckily, they are having another posting next Friday. Not as many jobs will be up, but hopefully something good will be on it. I just can't get over how I have gotten ZERO calls. I really hate how this is done in my district.

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The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Don't you love government bureaucracy?? I would definitely go down there. And/or call the principals. I'm bummed for you... I hope it's all a mistake and you find something close to home. Do you think they're overlooking you because you've been doing literacy and not in the classroom? Or maybe you cost more than new teachers?